There must be thousands of articles about women’s body images. TV shows constantly make reference to female self-image–mostly to the lack of a good one. I never hear about the male side of this. Do women believe that men don’t care about how women perceive them? Do they think that we believe that the only thing that matters is our penises? Every sitcom eventually includes jokes about tiny dicks. Occasionally, there are some lines about handsome men. Does it all boil down to penis size? That can’t be right. For one thing, a woman doesn’t get to discover how big or small it is until it’s too late to avoid interacting with it. Is body image something that is measured in the eyes of others?

If you believe TV and the popular press, men are attracted to a certain female body type. A woman who doesn’t possess it, has an uphill fight to attract a mate. If her boobs are too small or her ass isn’t the right shape, she won’t be able to meet Mr. Right. What about the guys? My body isn’t like the ones that women swoon over. My stomach is too big and my ass is too flat. When I was younger, I was a trim six-foot-2 180 lbs. I never thought of myself as handsome, but I had good luck with women.

I’ve always had good luck with women and I’ve never believed I was attractive to them. I was always amazed if a woman paid attention to me. I was very shy and expected rejection, so I never made the first move. Thinking back, I can’t understand how I ever managed to get laid. I did. I found Mrs. Lion on an Internet dating site. She included a picture of her face. I fell in love with her smile. That’s why I contacted her. I didn’t care about her body. I loved the wonderous happiness of that smile.

Wait! Aren’t I supposed to go for the perfect body? That idea never occurred to me. Of course, I respond to a great ass, but not to the point that I have to possess it. Her smile, her eyes are what capture me. I don’t know what captures her. I do know that when I look in the mirror I don’t particularly like what I see. That brings me to the big point of this post. If I don’t like my body, why do I publish pictures of it?

There are thousands of images of my naked body on this blog. I could have used pictures that I could get from other sources. Pictures of guys with bodies that I wish I could have. The majority of bloggers do this. I decided that if this is our journal, then the majority of images should be of me. I do use some pictures I get from online sources. Usually, they show things we never photographed. Sometimes I use them because I’m feeling particularly ugly and don’t want to repel you.

I’m not as self-conscious about penis or butt pictures. My cock looks pretty much like every other. The pictures are published to illustrate a point in a post. When you see my rear, it is usually to illustrate the result of a spanking or an anal activity. The fact that it is me is not the reason it’s published. The fact that it is me just underlines the personal nature of our blog.

All this introspection came up because one of the Twitter people I follow decided to publish a picture of her body even though she wasn’t all that confident about herself. She has a fine, sexy body. I couldn’t see anything about it that she could worry about. That got me thinking about my body. I realized that every time I’ve published more than a genital or rear closeup, I got a sort of humiliation feeling. I wasn’t proud of the image. I was embarrassed and got a little charge out of sharing. I should have felt proud.

I’m not at all sure what I can do to improve my self-image. I could lose fifty pounds. That would help. But my ass would still be flat and my skin would probably hang looser. I might look worse. Mrs. Lion says that she likes my body. I’m glad, but I don’t.

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