jailbird chastity device
My cage is only 1-1/4″ long. It is the same length as the head of my penis. A handy coincidence when measuring for a cage.

I’ve tried to understand how one could measure cage length in this new, shorter world of male chastity. My cage is only 1-1/4 inches long. I wore it that way three years with only a couple of small issues. The way I arrived at the 1-1/4″ length was based on estimates after seeing how a 1-3/4″ cage fit. It often had the head of my cock retreating toward my body. That made peeing and staying clean more difficult.

Mrs. Lion measured how far back it shrunk. We used this to help figure how much to shorten my cage. Of course, that’s an expensive way to work things out.I think there is a much easier way to work this out.

This link shows a closeup of me in my shortened cage. Note that the head of my penis fills the cage. You can see some of the skin behind the head, but it is actually pulled over the bottom of the head when the cage goes on. The head measures about 1-1/4 inches long from the bottom edge to end of the urethra. This is very easy to measure.

Cage diameter should still be about the measured diameter of the soft penis. My flaccid penis measures 1-1/2″ in diameter. My cage is 1-1/4″ diameter.

This is the Tena Level 1 protective guard. It’s soft and protects my sensitive urethra. Click the image to go to the Tena site.

One complaint about short cages that I frequently hear is that the urethra is pushed out from the cage (image below, right). Some underwear can irritate that sensitive area. I occasionally  experienced that while wearing briefs or boxer-briefs.

I also had fairly frequent problems with drips and occasional squirts of urine after I put my caged penis back into my pants. This occurred when I used a urinal on a disturbingly regular basis. That was my original motive for getting male guards.

I tried Depends guards. They were too rough on my urethra. The same was true of Tena Level 0 guards. After trying several products, I found that the Tena Level 1 guards (Image, right) are very soft and feel good to wear. They also catch drips and squirts with no issues.

Sensitive part pokes out of my cage. (Click image to enlarge)

They aren’t terribly expensive and have the added benefit of further hiding a chastity cage by softening the hard edges of the metal. The pads only work in briefs and boxer briefs. They aren’t too useful in boxers or g-strings.

There is a big benefit of the head-hugging cage: Peeing is much more accurate. Using a urinal or even standing at a regular toilet is rarely a problem. If the urethra goes off center, gentle push with a Q-Tip (I carry one in my pants pocket) will line it up discretely and quickly.