What a Pain

Lion and I are both in pain. He must have aggravated his shoulder in PT. Both my shoulders have impingement and the right one has been hurting more than normal lately. I’m not sure what I did but the left one must have felt ignored because I can barely move it. I had plans for manscaping and sling time today. It looks like neither one will happen.

Last night I managed to revive Lion’s sex drive. He wondered in a post if he was no longer horny because he knew sex would not result in an orgasm. That’s one of my reasons for not wanting a scheduled orgasm. Any night can be orgasm night. He won’t know until we’re done. Of course he’s pretty sure it won’t be the day after an orgasm although I’ve been known to give him one then as well. I’ve said recently that his wait times now can range from four to fourteen days. However, there’s nothing that says I can’t go shorter than four days or longer than fourteen. Those are just guidelines. He should know I’m unpredictable enough to do whatever I want whenever I want.

Lion may have thought he was going to get an orgasm last night. My shoulder was just starting to hurt worse and I knew a hand job wouldn’t work. When all else fails (and even when it doesn’t) oral is the way to go. He was soft when I started and within a minute or so he was getting hard. I love when that happens. I think if a woman, or a man for that matter, wants to feel powerful, he or she should lick or suck a limp cock. Making it go from a flaccid lump of skin to rock hard is one of the best feelings in the world. That’s my superpower.

I may be able to manage to give Lion some oral attention tonight too but I’m pretty sure the sling is out of the question. I don’t want him hurting himself getting in or out and I won’t be able to do too much to him while he’s in there other than sucking him anyway. We’ll have to see how we feel as the day goes on.

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    feel better and yes there is a great feeling when a soft flacid cock grows in my mouth

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