It’s 8:30 am. Lion is still snoozing. When I’m up earlier than he is I’ll play some games, read, write my post and any other quiet thing I can think of. He’ll be working hard later when he starts to cook. He deserves all the rest he can get.

Sometimes Lion and I try to figure out why we love each other so much. We don’t like most of the same things. He likes fine food. I’d rather have fast food. He likes classical music. I’d rather listen to rock. He likes musicals. I like “little-did-she-know” (as he calls them) crime shows. There are so many reasons why we shouldn’t work. But we do.

We may butt heads while I’m cleaning and he’s cooking. Stupid things like where the turkey should be placed on our buffet. Or why are you putting things where I just cleaned? Or why are you cleaning up what I just put down? These are the extent of our fights. I’m not saying we don’t frustrate each other on other issues, but most of our spats are stupid little things. I annoy him. He annoys me. We shake our heads, sigh and move on. We get past the little things.

I’m not really sure anyone can answer the question of why they love their partner. It’s difficult to put into words. And maybe it’s better not to ask. Maybe we should just go with it. It works. Why question it? When I’m trying to put into words why I’m thankful for Lion, I have the same problem. He’s smart. He’s cute. We love to be together. Blah, blah, blah. Not really a good answer.

Maybe I’ve already hit upon the answer. I love Lion and I’m thankful for him because no matter what else is going on in the world or our lives, things are peaceful with us. We just work.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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    Have a happy Thanksgiving . Love from England ?

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