Faking It

Lion has been lucky enough to work from home this week. Today he’s going to try to get a head start on tomorrow’s dinner. There are a few things that can be done early to take some of the pressure off tomorrow. And it frees up oven space for other things. At this point if we’ve forgotten anything, it will remain forgotten. I don’t think either of us wants to venture into a store for the rest of the week.

I have no idea how exhausted we’ll be from our cooking and cleaning duties. Last night I was not feeling well and Lion was itching. We didn’t snuggle but we did hold hands. And there was the occasional venture of rolling over to be a little closer. I’m hoping Lion will be in the snuggling mood tonight. We can see what develops from there.

Yesterday I wrote about blindfolds and the cone of shame. Lion doubts there is a lion-sized cone of shame. Sounds like a challenge to me! I can’t see us standing in the middle of Petsmart trying cones on him, but I’m sure we can find one lion-sized. There are some pretty big dogs out there.

A silly thought just crossed my mind. I could make Lion eat with the cone of shame on to avoid those nasty spills on his shirt. I’m sure he just cringed at the thought. First I got him a bib and now a cone of shame. How humiliating! Yes. Yes, it is.

I bet Lion thinks 2.0 is here with all this talk of humiliation. He’s probably sure I like to humiliate him. The truth is I think it’s funny. It seems the more outrageous I think things are, the more he likes them. What a nut!

I don’t think I’ll ever figure out why Lion wants all these things but I’m doing a pretty good job faking it.