Allergic Lion

Lion is miserable. His allergies are really bothering him. He’s stuffy and his eyes are red. Very sexy. He says he wants me to continue with my control despite what he feels like. Well, sure. The rules are still in effect. He’s been abiding by them. I’m not sure I’d punish him at this point, but I’d add any infractions to a list for when he feels better.

After I write this post I’m off to clean the house to see if I can’t find whatever might be aggravating Lion’s allergies. The dog is the biggest culprit and she’ll get a bath tomorrow. I’ve vacuumed but it’s been a while since I did a deeper cleaning. If I can help Lion feel better then things can get back to normal around here.

As we watched TV last night, I was thinking how strange it felt not to play. I know there have been nights we didn’t play because one or both of us didn’t feel well. I’m not sure why it felt any different last night. Maybe it was because of a recent renewed commitment to play every night. Or at least let Lion know if we’d play or not and perhaps a time frame for the play. And now it was weird not to play. I’m not sure.

He still apologizes for coughing or sneezing or grumbling because he doesn’t feel well. I keep telling him there’s no need to apologize. I just want him to feel better. It’s my job to take care of him. Maybe I should be apologizing to him because I didn’t do my job. I don’t clean enough around here to keep his allergies at bay. So maybe along with the renewed commitment to play every night, I need to renew my commitment to keep the house cleaner so we can avoid Lion’s allergies.


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    Your body can become used to various antihistamines. At that point they cease to be effective. Perhaps Lion should try another type of antihistamine. It may work better than what he is currently using.

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      I’ve had that experience. Changing tomorrow when we go shopping.

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