Stay Alert

Lion always takes an idea and runs with it. Case in point, using the Jail Bird as punishment. I said he’d have to do something really bad for me to want to lock him away. He said I shouldn’t wait for it to be something really bad. I should just lock him up. Then it morphed into punishment after spanking. When he asked for a time frame, I guessed it wouldn’t be more than two or three days. Suddenly that was the sentence. Slow down a bit, Lion.

I do agree that maybe I should use the Jail Bird for lesser offenses to start with. I have no idea what he would do that would piss me off to the extent that I’d lock him away. I may never have an actual use for it. But it makes sense to put him in jail from time to time for smaller infractions.

I hadn’t envisioned it as punishment after a spanking. It was supposed to be its own punishment. I thought the cold steel locking into place would cause some dread similar to a cell door closing in a jail. You’re in for it now, Lion. Solitary confinement. I’m still leaning that way.

As far as the duration is concerned, I think it would depend on why he’s in trouble. If, to start out, he was locked up for eating first then it might not be for more than a day. If he keeps interrupting me over the course of a day or weekend then his sentence might be three days. Or more. It depends on how annoyed I am.

Of course the best advice I can give Lion is to be alert. Watch yourself. Any misstep could land you in jail.


  1. Author

    I find the greatest thrill comes from being locked up when I didn’t want to be locked up.
    The more I am in a place that thinks her jailbird is just an irritating piece of metal and really don’t see the need for it, the more powerful the psychological kick I get when she exerts her authority and insists I wear it.

  2. Author

    For me, having my Queen cage my cock and decide when to unlock and relock the cage is the ultimate act of surrender and submission to her control. And wearing the cage is my D/s wedding ring and to me is more significant than the slave collar I wear. So in that regard, I think I have a different perspective from Caged Lion about being locked up. I would add that my Queen has never (at least not to my knowledge) extended ‘lock up’ time as a punishment.

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