Clearing The Air

Over the last couple of days, we’ve gotten comments that surprised me. One of them accused me of being too embarrassed to admit that I am gay. Here’s what Stephen said:

“Could it be you harbor homosexual feelings that you are too embarrassed to admit? Is anal penetration a way to fulfill those desires without feeling guilty? After all its a woman on the other end. Now I’m not saying you’r3 gay, but wanting to be anally penetrated does suggest some possibilities”

If you follow that line of thinking, any guy who has anally penetrated his female partner must also think about the fact he may be homosexual. Not to mention oral sex for her…

Of course, this is utter crap. According to Stephen, I must be assuaging long-held guilt by being penetrated by Mrs. Lion. Is anal penetration a form of penitence? What church does he attend? Say three Hail Marys and have your wife peg  you for an hour.

I thought we were past the stereotypes that label people based on what they do in bed. Stephen thinks that if I’m not the penetrator, I must want sex with other men. When gay men have anal sex, one of them is the penetrator. Is he straight?

Why in the world would I feel guilty about being gay? If I wanted sex with other men, the last thing I would be feeling is guilt. For me to feel guilt, I would have to believe being homosexual is wrong or sinful. I don’t. I just don’t want to have sex with other guys. The idea simply doesn’t turn me on.

I’m a little surprised that Stephen would be reading our blog. Over the last four years I have had fingers, butt plugs and dildos up my ass. Wait! Did I cross the line into gay when the dildo was attached to Mrs. Lion? Did her fucking me while wearing the strap-on reflect my secret desire to be fucked by a man?

Oh no! I better hide the RodeoH. It will turn me gay. Nobody warned me.

Seriously, I’m not gay. I just don’t want to sexually love another man. I’m not wired that way. When I see another man’s penis, I don’t think of sex. I just don’t. If I did, that would be fine too. It just doesn’t matter. I’m in love with Mrs. Lion. She’s female. I’m very happy with all the sexual things we can do together. Sorry Stephen, you’re simply not my type.


  1. Author

    I applaud you and Mrs.L for you willingness to be open and honest. It is unfortunate that anything male and anal is thought to indicate anything other than a desire and openness to new adventures

    I would suggest many a couple is cemented in vanillaville more out of fear and perceived judgement than by any lack of kinky desire. So, hats off and peg on sir…peg on

  2. Author

    I don’t know you have wasted your time on this guy . He is not worth the time and effort

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