As promised, I put the Silk dildo into the RodeoH and pegged Lion last night. Our position, with him laying over the bed while propped up on a pillow, was a bit awkward. His feet were together and I was straddling them. I’m not sure it would have made much difference if his feet were apart.

I’d assumed he’d be on his back propped up on the pillow. He chose to be face down. Next time maybe we’ll try the other way. I’m not convinced it would have been better. We’re in the experimental phase here. I’m sure we’ll try all sorts of things until we find something we prefer.

The RodeoH was okay. It was better for actual fucking. In terms of being able to see where I was aiming the dildo for insertion, it was worse. And I couldn’t determine how far I could pull out to be able to push back in for a deeper thrust. I assume that will get better as we do it more often.

Lion is already asking to go to a realistic dildo. I’ll have to see what sizes we have to determine whether we can easily segue from the Silk to realistic without too much trouble. Then I’ll have to figure out if I use the RodeoH or my hand to start out. Maybe we need to stick to the Silk while we practice different positions. If there isn’t much difference between the Silk and realistic we may be able to change with no issues.

After Lion wrote his post about his pegging, I snuggled in to edge him. He’s been very horny and very hard when I play with him. I decided to use the Magic Wand on him. At that point I was just going to edge him. And then I thought about giving him an orgasm. I was still trying to decide which to do when he started making his I’m-getting-close noises. I haven’t been making him wait long at all so I figured I’d let him come. Of course, he’ll take an orgasm any old time.