lube injector
The more lube the merrier. These make sure there’s lube further in than just the tip of the dildo.

My Rodeoh arrived yesterday. While I prefer a looser fit in panties, I do understand that these have to fit tighter if I’m to have any control with a dildo. We also got two stabilizers to accommodate different size dildos. Assuming we can find the right angle, he might just find me mounting him.

To begin our journey down anal avenue, Lion suggested a smooth dildo. I thought it was a bit large in diameter for a first try, but what do I know? I used Boy Butter lube as I have in the past. It seems to work best for us. I was looking for the lube injector we have, but I could only find the sheaths. The plunger was hiding. As you can see from the picture, they don’t hold a lot but you can certainly use it more than once to make sure everything goes smoothly. I decided to use my finger to lube inside. Then I made sure the dildo was lubed well and off we went.

Lion’s ass is certainly not going to open wide and say “Ah.” It requires a little pressure and then a few moments of waiting once the tip is in. Generally, once he’s used to the initial invasion, the rest of the dildo almost seems to be sucked in. He suggested I not insert it all the way since a portion of it would be in the Rodeoh anyway. Makes sense. He took most of it anyway.

tantus silk dildo
This is the Tantus Silk dildo. It is completely smooth. This is the large. It is 1-1/2″ diameter and 7″ long.

Once the dildo was inserted as far as I wanted, I waited a few minutes for Lion to get used to it. Then I slowly backed it out about a half inch and reinserted it again. In a bit I increased it to about an inch out and back in. The dildo is smooth so Lion could just feel movement without the difficulty of dealing with bumps and ripples. I’m sure he’ll be feeling those too in due time.

For a first attempt, it was quite effortless. I’m sure I’ve been a bit too overzealous in the past. I assumed that Lion would be able to take vigorous fucking movement. Once the mild discomfort of the initial invasion was over, I was ready to go. Not so with Lion. Oh well. I’ve learned. Slow and steady wins the race.