I Was Ridden In The Rodeoh

woman wearing sillk dildo
This isn’t a Rodeoh brief, but it is the large Silk dildo Mrs. Lion used in me last night.
Last night I was fucked with a strap-on. Mrs. Lion put the large Silk dildo into her RodeoH strap-on briefs. I lay on a pillow (on my stomach) over the edge of the bed. Mrs. Lion, with very little fumbling, and little pain for me, got the dildo inserted and began fucking. As expected, there was no sexual pleasure for either of us. It didn’t feel bad as she humped me. The very smooth silicone of the dildo, plus lots of Boy Butter, moved in and out smoothly.

We both agreed that the experience was pleasant, if not orgasmic. Mrs. Lion commented that it was easier to fuck me. Her only challenge was knowing when she might have pulled out too little or too much. Practice makes perfect, dear lioness. I’m still processing my feelings. I absolutely feel fine about the experience. I just don’t know if I feel more submissive during or after being pegged.

There’s no question that I know I am submissive. Feeling Mrs. Lion’s dildo moving in and out of my ass makes that point absolutely undeniable. Julie, of Strict Julie Spanks, commented:

“I very much enjoy feminizing my man a bit before his peggings. Maybe panties slid down his legs, or banded around his ankles where he can see them as he’s fucked missionary. Or garter belt and stockings. A bra. A schoolgirl skirt flipped up. I mean, we really are reversing roles here after all, he should look the part at least!”

I reacted by thinking, “Oh, no! Not that too!” Julie’s written about some of her pegging experiences. Not only does she dress him as a female, she makes a strong point of reminding him that he is being fucked like a woman. Mrs. Lion never mentioned anything about feeling that we were reversing roles. I’ve never fantasized about being feminized. While being pegged, no thought of me being female, gay, or being fucked like a woman crossed my mind. I just thought about how I am learning to more easily accept anal penetration.

Being pegged is another way Mrs. Lion can demonstrate her dominance. It’s also possibly something I could learn to enjoy sexually. After all, she is stimulating my prostate. I don’t know what other guys feel, but I suspect that being pegged is more sensory than social. In my case, I don’t think of women as lower on the sexual/social totem pole. How could I? She’s in charge. So, being treated as a woman carries no stigma for me. I don’t enjoy wearing female undies or other clothing. I feel silly and embarrassed. Wearing panties to work adds an element of potential embarrassment.

I also don’t have any particular feelings about gay sex. If a guy likes penises, so what? It doesn’t say anything about him other than a preference I don’t share. So, a silicone cock that goes up my ass or into my mouth is something I wouldn’t do on my own. When Mrs. Lion asserts herself by dressing me in female clothing or pegging me, I feel her control of me. It’s another way she sexually dominates me.

It also felt pretty good last night.


  1. Author

    Can Mrs. Lion say something about how she found the RodeoH to get into and use? We’ve been using a traditional harness and have had difficulties getting it to sit right so that Miss finds it comfortable to use. The idea of something you just have to step into is sorta attractive. Also, which model of the RodeoH did you use? They have several.

  2. Author

    My wife and I use a RodeoH brief, albeit in a somewhat different way. During times when she has me locked in chastity, she and I would both like the shared experience of missionary-position sex. At first, we tried having me wear a standard strap-on harness with a dildo, but she found the chastity device (mine is a relatively heavy Lori tube) swinging against her to be distracting.

    I found the RodeoH brief, which being intended for a woman’s body tends to keep my equipment well secured, while positioning the dildo at just about the exact position my real penis would be. After trying a couple of different dildos, we’ve found a combination that she really likes, to the extent that she can even orgasm from intercourse alone (which has never happened with my natural penis, even though it’s similarly sized).

    As far as getting into it, it’s much easier than a strappy harness. I just insert the flanged-base dildo into the pocket in the RodeoH, then pull the briefs on like any other type of underwear – nothing to it.

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    Hey Lion Congratulations. I commented on your RodeoH back in August. Like I said back then — for us the emotion of pegging (or being pegged) changes based on what we bring to it that day — and it can be sensual or physical depending on what we bring to it, and what we want to get out of it that day.

    As you mentioned — since she’s getting no physical feedback from the Silk, she’ll have to figure out the right depth and length of stroke. Practice makes perfect.

    This was my idea, and Mrs. DH took to it quite well. She liked the aspect of turning the traditional gender tables on their sides, and will often get us both in the mood by saying things to me that would be obnoxiously sexist if a guy were to say them. We both know that they’re ridiculous and if a guy would say them to her, would result in her putting him in the hospital, but they put me into subspace and really empower her (as I’m sure they’re meant to empower a neaderthal who would say such things to a woman).

    If this ends-up being part of your repertoire, I wish you the best.

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    Penetrating is the essential male act, and receiving the essential female. You ARE being fucked like a woman, regardless of what you say!

    For us, there is also the use of pegging as punishment, which, while still being safe, is a bit bigger, a bit faster, a bit rougher, and for a much longer duration, than he is comfortable with. Often right after a strapping, riding him hard and putting him away wet. Discovered this once when I was enjoying a good hard fuck with my bigger Adam O2 and halfway through him saying he had enough and could we please stop. I slowed up and asked him if it was hurting. He said it was. I re-lubed for safety and kept going slowly asking “are you going to take it for me?” There ensued a good extra ten minutes of carefully monitored and communicative anal abuse for him. An intense experience for us both, and the birth of the punishment fuck. I marvelled at how open his hole was after I was done with it!

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      Disciplinary fucking rises to a new level of humiliation.

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    Even when commenting on another blog, Julie is always so hot and arousing.

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