Anal Eclipse

tantus silk dildo
This is the Tantus Silk dildo. It is completely smooth. This is the large. It is 1-1/2″ diameter and 7″ long. This is the one Mrs. Lion used in me.

Our eclipse came early. Saturday night, Mrs. Lion used the large “Silk” dildo in me. It surprised her how easily it went in. I only felt momentary discomfort when the tip first started entering. The comfort is less a tribute to my anal prowess than to the fact the Silk is very smooth silicone. It felt good going in. When Mrs. Lion slowly moved it in and out, it was fine.

The secret to this comfort, aside from the smooth finish, is that Mrs. Lion took her time and used lots of lube. This will be the first strap-on dildo she will use on me. So-called “realistic” dildos that look like real penises, have lots of bumps on them. Just like a real penis, there is a head, the sharp shoulder to the shaft, and of course, the shaft with veins. Any sort of texture, like this, stimulates the nerves and makes the dildo less comfortable.

I’m very sure that my comfort isn’t exactly Mrs. Lion’s goal. She wants me to take larger, more “interesting” dildo’s. However, I do need a chance to learn to accept an anal visitor and at the very least, manage the sensations that pegging creates. The dildo on the left is realistic. It has a distinct head and lots of texture on the shaft.

There isn’t any rule about this, but it seems that many couples who practice spanking, also do male dildo play. In our case, it was my curiosity that got Mrs. Lion started. I don’t have any interest in a real penis inside me. That holds no appeal at all. But the idea that Mrs. Lion can take me this way, is very hot.

Women say that we are obsessed with our dongs. They may be right. Mine is a lot of fun for me. Trying enforced chastity is one way to make my penis part of a game that two can play. Oh boy! It’s not too big a leap to see how I might like to try anal fun too. It’s penis related. “But isn’t it gay? you might wonder.

I don’t think it is. If anal penetration is all it takes to be gay, homosexuality would be shallow, indeed. In my mind, being gay is loving men the same way I love women. Where my penis goes, or what goes into my anus is completely beside the point. So many people are consumed by labels. To assign a label, you need rules. For example, because Mrs. Lion spanks me and makes me wear panties, I satisfy the rules that make me “submissive.” If I take a penis-shaped object in my ass, I must be gay.

Nothing is that simple. I’m submissive when Mrs. Lion spanks, panties, or pegs me. I’m just the opposite the rest of the time. I’m a complex critter. Are stamp collectors all nerds? Well, more than one president of the United States collected stamps. I am me; a unique member of my species. I am undeniably male. The rest is up to interpretation.



  1. Author

    You are you and that is perfect 🙂 Thank you for the toy review…it looks fun!

  2. Author

    Very well said, hon. Labels are just that – labels that other people use to define or categorize things they cannot be bothered to understand.

    Mrs. Lion was very clever to use such a smooth, easily accepted dildo for training. We made the mistake of getting something too big and too textured the first time I was pegged and the pain/discomfort really held us back.

    I will say, however, that graduating to something textured is wonderful – it’s those bumps and ridges that rub your sweet spot, making a P-gasm so enjoyable.

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