Cheese on a Cheeseburger?

Back to work. Insert frowny face here. Add to that the fact that I was too wiped out from driving to play with Lion last night and I have nothing to write about. And Lion was due for a punishment. I told him he shouldn’t read anything into my not punishing him. He didn’t get out of anything. I’ll punish him tonight. Wisely, he said he knew.

Aside from the one time over the weekend, I didn’t order Lion’s meals for him. He’s got vary particular tastes. For years, he’d only eat pizza with Italian sausage on it. Pepperoni? No way! Bacon? Are you crazy? He just shakes his head when I eat a pizza with every meat I can find and bunches of vegetables. No pineapple or anchovies. I draw the line at those. And I have actually eaten pineapple and anchovies (not on the same pizza) before. The combination of trying new things and dealing with what’s put in front of me has worked out fairly well so far.

Lion doesn’t deal well with what’s put in front of him. Granted, he wants his order to be correct when we go out. I taught him the trick of ordering a hamburger with “only” what he wants, rather than subtracting everything he doesn’t want. It’s a much shorter list. But the audacity of someone putting cheese on a cheeseburger when he said “only” X, Y, and Z! I’d just eat it. I get tomatoes all the time that I’ve asked them to leave off. Nope. Not Lion.

I guess my ordering for him would be the perfect experiment in active control. He wants a hamburger, but all the hamburgers on the menu have things he doesn’t want. Of course he could order a special hamburger. But if he’s not allowed to order for himself he might be forced to eat lettuce or cheese or some special sauce. The horror!

On the other hand, if we’re paying someone to make our food, aren’t we entitled to get things the way we want them? Lion should have his hamburger with only X, Y, and Z. That doesn’t mean I can’t order it for him.