Floating Lion

angry lioness
In your face, Doc!

I’m so happy Lion’s surgery hasn’t failed. I really wanted to be there with him at the appointment so I could say, “In your face!” to the doctor when it turned out he was wrong. And I have never been more sure of anything in my life as I was about the surgery not failing. It wasn’t just wishful thinking. I was positive. Plus I was pissed at the doctor for just proclaiming it a failure and blaming Lion for it. Arrogant SOB.

So what now? Well Lion still has a lot of work ahead of him. He needs to gain range of motion and strength. I’ll help him any way I can, but I’m thinking he’s already on the right track. He’s been helping more and more around the house. Each chore he does helps him move and strengthen his tendons and muscles. And pretty soon he can wait on me hand and foot. I’m kidding of course. We wait on each other.

I don’t know about Lion but I’m looking forward to being able to tie him to the bed or get him in the sling. Then I’ll know he’s back to his old self. I don’t want him to push himself to get there. I mean it does no good if he jumps the gun on bondage only to hurt himself in the process. He should know by now that hurting him is my job. And I’m certainly not going after his shoulder. I like his buns, balls, weenie and occasionally his boobies.

As you may expect, Lion is in a completely different mood from last weekend when he was worried all the pain and aggravation was for naught. This weekend he’s floating, the sky is blue and possibilities are endless. What a difference a missed diagnosis can make!

I hope that doctor has a horrible weekend when he thinks about the impact he has on his patients’ lives in giving them opinions so harshly. There’s a way to deliver bad news without knocking the wind out of people. Yes, Lion may have forgiven him but I haven’t.