woman manasturbating
Lion is forbidden to masturbate, but I can do it whenever I want. This weekend I’ll show Lion what he’s missing.

When we first started enforced chastity I had Lion masturbate for me. I knew how to do it, obviously, but I wanted to see how he did it. How fast or slow did he go? What grip did he use? Where did he grip? In hindsight it was very symbolic. It was the last time he was allowed to masturbate. He was saying goodbye to an old friend.

This morning it occurred to me that he’s never seen me masturbate. Not that he needs any help doing it for me, but wouldn’t he benefit from it? Rather than directing him – more to the right, no up a little – I could show him. I know you’re thinking this is all very interesting, Mrs. Lion, but you’re never in the mood for sex. That is true, but it’s also true that Lion can usually awake the sleeping giant if he chooses to. If he can do it why can’t I? I say it’s worth a shot.

I can’t promise when this will happen. We’ve got a lot of chores this weekend. But I know we’ve been talking about getting me back in the saddle, so to speak. We’ll try to make it happen tonight or tomorrow night. And then I’ll let him see if he’s learned anything a few days later. We both may need a few lessons. It’s been a long time since I cared much about sex for me. I don’t know that I’m up for the every-other-day action that Lion is guaranteed, but I think maybe it’s time we made it a priority like we’ve made punishment a priority for Lion.

Lion is a fast learner. He’s eager and attentive. I wonder if my masturbating will turn him on. Probably. He loves when I come. This just might work to “fix” me. Stay tuned.

My last post generated some interesting, thoughtful comments. Thank you.

Much of the conversation revolved around just what our power exchange means. Julie talked about hers as well. I said that I’m not Mrs. Lion’s bitch and that I had the freedom to ask her to suck my cock; to which, Julie replied:

“Hee hee.. you’re her bitch now, mr. lion. The 7 stages of denial?”

This was stated jokingly, but it’s true that in so many ways I am her bitch. I wear a chastity device full time because she likes the feeling of possession she gets by locking up my cock. I am always naked at home unless she panties me. She spanks me when I break a rule. So, yes Julie,  you are right. I admit it.

Save the chastity device, Julie’s power exchange is very similar to ours. We call them different things. She considers it BDSM scening. We call it domestic discipline. The reality is that she and Mrs. Lion spank their husbands when they decide they want to or a rule has been broken. David, her husband, and I obey our wives or face painful punishment. Neither of us is dominant with our wives. We both wear panties sometimes. More importantly, we both are professionally independent and function on our own save the times our wives choose to take charge.

In many ways, Julie is far stricter than Mrs. Lion. I believe that we are moving toward the level of intensity that Julie writes about. I’ll probably be both happy and sorry that is happening.

At this point in our power exchange, Mrs. Lion is just starting to experiment with her power. She doesn’t have too much fun with her control. I suspect she is still worried that she will hurt me in some way: physically or emotionally. She appears to have a problem starting the fun. In our case, domination isn’t necessarily a scene that, once started, has to play out to some conclusion.

In my mind, at least, pantying (new word?) me is a scene all by itself. If a spanking is desired, that can happen at any point in time. Similarly, putting a butt plug in can become a routine part of my evening. We’ve talked about stretching me so that she can peg me with various dildos. To do that, I need to get used to anal visitors. There are a lot of other things we’ve discussed but haven’t done.

I think this is because Mrs. Lion is more reactive than proactive. This is a general observation, not just about playing with me. Of course, the problem is that her role as my dominant partner requires her to initiate the action. She is also very concerned about interrupting me or if I’m in the mood for play. I appreciate that her reasoning is that this is all for me and if I’m not in the mood, why waste the time and energy? She doesn’t check in on my mood to punish me. I think play is the same thing.. She is in control. If she feels like plugging my ass, than why care how I feel about it?

The bottom line is that Mrs. Lion hasn’t found a way to have fun with all this. So, if it is all for my fun, I get a lot of control. Why start the merry-go-round if no one is on it?

I’m at a loss understanding how to help Mrs. Lion enjoy things more. There’s nothing wrong with her. It’s got to be me and what I’ve told her about what we do. She loves games. Her favorite free-time activity is playing them on her iPad. Isn’t what we do a game as well? Training me is a pretty tough puzzle. At least I think so. I realize that I can’t be the one to help her solve it.

lioness huntin
Lion wants to be the prey; at least some of the time.

Lion may have opened a can of worms with his post this morning. As a submissive male, he’s really in no position to demand I suck his cock. In reality, except for when he was a dominant in a scene, it’s not in his nature to demand things like that anyway. If we were not in a power exchange, he’d ask me nicely.

As to what my reaction would be to his demand? I’d be happy to do it. Actually, I’d be more likely to demand he move over on the bed so I can suck him. But I don’t usually demand things. I know. I can. I should. But I don’t. The bottom line is that I wouldn’t take it as a demand from him. Of course, I also like when he bucks into me when I’m sucking him or jerking him off. Isn’t that a form of demand too? [Lion – I think it’s a form of begging] I know I’m new to the whole humiliation thing, but I don’t want Lion to become a sissy and I don’t think he’s in any danger of doing so. Just because I put him in panties from time to time, it doesn’t mean he’s on his way to becoming feminine. I haven’t castrated him. He’s the same old Lion albeit in frilly panties.

Lion is still the same stubborn, growling person when he’s at work regardless of whether he has panties on or not. When he comes home he wants to be less in charge. It’s almost like taking a vacation from the decisions and hassle of being in charge. It may be more work on his part to be submissive. He’s got to fight the desire to make decisions.

Likewise, it’s more work for me to be dominant. When I’m at work I can just throw my hands up and let others decide. It’s less pressure that way. At home I have to remember Lion’s rules in case he breaks them. I have to decide how to punish him. I make the decisions about how or when we’ll play.

Obviously this doesn’t mean Lion makes no decisions once he gets home. I don’t have carte blanche to rule his life. I don’t make all the decisions. He’d like me to make more, but I need to take baby steps. Usually one step forward and two steps back. The trick is to keep moving.

“Suck my cock!” What would happen if i said that to Mrs. Lion? Thoughts about this vary. Julie posed this as an example of something she would punish her husband for saying, but if a man she submitted to said it, she would simply obey. This came up in the context of respect for the submissive partner.

When I submitted to Mrs. Lion, did I lose my “he man” rights to demand sexual obedience from Mrs. Lion? That’s an odd question in the twenty-first century. The only time I would ever demand something like that would be in the context of a scene where I am dominant. I would never do it in any other situation. As a vanilla husband, much less a submissive one, I have no right to make such a demand.

In the context of 24/7 roles like ours, sexual demands are either something to be laughed at or punished. There is so much about dominance and submission that appear one way, but actually are nearly opposite in fact. This example is a very vivid illustration of that fact. It’s obviously disrespectful or silly for me to seriously demand a blowjob. Mrs. Lion is actually happy to give me one. She loves sucking my cock.

However, as my disciplining wife, she would have to be offended by such a macho request. Such disrespect! I would require immediate punishment. I don’t think that would offend her at all if you take out her role. She might consider it an odd way for me to tell her I want it, but she would most likely say, “What a good idea!”

Even if no one wants to admit it, FLR, domestic discipline, and male chastity are all joint decisions by the people involved. These are consensual practices. I want Mrs. Lion to be in charge, lock up my cock, and punish me as she wishes. I may hate some of the things she does or makes me do, but I know that this is all by mutual agreement.

So, when it comes to matters of keeping or losing respect, I always refer back to roles. I don’t think there is no coming back if one or both of us decide to return to a full partnership. If my lioness actually lost respect for me due to something we are doing, she would have to question whether or not she wants to be my wife, much less continue our power exchange.

So, when Julie pointed out that if her husband told her to suck his cock that she would punish him, I suggest that is because someone in her role would never  put up with that from her submissive. If I told her to suck my cock, I’m sure she would be massively offended and potentially sock me in the nose. But if John, a man she submits to, gives her that order, she is on her knees instantly.

As someone who has been in the dominant role for almost 25 years, I’ve made that demand of women submitting to me many times. Their response was to immediately get to work. I never asked an acquaintance or friend for such service. It would be plain stupid.

So, if a woman agrees to dominate her husband, the power exchange would make it foolish, even dangerous, to make any such demands. I don’t think that shows she has lost respect for him. It just means it’s wrong for someone with her role to accept such behavior from her submissive partner. Let the debate begin!