tena male pad
The Tena pad fits inside my Obviously briefs. Once on, a bit of adjustment is needed, but then the fit is fine. It even flexes to fit the pouch in front. In the image (above, left) the pad is in position after I placed it and put it on to adjust. It looks a lot messier before that adjustment.
Mrs. Lion brought out the tawse on Thursday night. She whacked the bed with it a few times and then put it down next to her. I wondered what was going to happen to me. As it turned out, the tawse stayed next to her until bedtime. Then she put it away. Whew! This weekend promises to be a painful opportunity for Mrs. Lion to hone her strapping technique. I gently suggested that a pillow makes a fine practice target. She retorted that my butt is even better for that purpose.

As promised, I tried the Tena male incontinence guards (order the 20 pack. The 48 pack is for thicker pads). They fit nicely into my Obviously pouched underpants. I got them because, when caged, drips are inevitable most of the time. The pads are insurance. I tried them without the cage and I can’t tell I have a pad on. It turned out to be useful. Sometimes I drip even when wild. I apply the pad about 2 inches below the bottom of the waistband. Once on, I adjust the underpants to fully cover the pad.

It occurs to me that I’m sharing incredibly intimate details of my life on this blog. Every single orgasm, tease, spanking, and other sexual activity I’ve had is publicly available on this blog. I’m not sure this was my plan when I started in 2014. Then, I wanted to record my experiences as a caged male. I wanted to share what I learned as well as my past experience with power exchanges. I don’t recall planning to share everything.

In the beginning I hoped that Mrs. Lion would both provide a keyholder’s view of our power exchange and keep me honest. She’s certainly done both! She’s also filled in any details I failed to mention about both my sex life and how she feels about our activities. There are over 2,000 posts and over 30 pages that chronicle things most would never, ever share.

This all came up when I started writing about the male incontinence pads I now wear. This isn’t sexy BDSM or chastity fun. It’s a very private activity. I don’t want the public to see my cage through my pants or in the public bathroom. Seeing liners in my underpants is an even more embarrassing prospect. Telling you is embarrassing to me. Yet, I do anyway.  Am I an exhibitionist who gets aroused by revealing the most intimate details of my life? It’s a reasonable explanation. I don’t think that’s whats happening.

I think that once I started writing and you started commenting, I wanted to share more and more. I don’t write to turn you on. If you get aroused, that’s fine. I like it. But my purpose is to share our lives and how we incorporate enforced chastity and domestic discipline in our otherwise-middle-class lives.







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    I occasionally use one of my wife’s panty liners to keep my panties clean. I am not caged (bummer) but I do like the feeling of the liner crammed up my ass crack and pressing against my cock and balls.

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