Curiosity May Kill The (Big) Cat

I’m writing this after dinner on Wednesday. Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday promised some potentially difficult activities for me. I have to admit I am a little worried about being strapped with her new tawse. Purchasing it from The English Cane Company was both a great discovery of a very rare implement and the source of a new friend. The tawse is a Scottish punishment implement that has a long history and is used to this day. I spent a lot of time trying to find one of good quality. The English Cane Company is the only source I could find and the quality is excellent.

Well, as usual, I am the engineer of my own demise. Aside from my interest in exotic spanking toys, I am insatiably curious about how things feel. The tawse is no exception. Mrs. Lion has promised to use it on me during a maintenance spanking. She also promises not to hold back. The tawse I ordered is a formidable weapon. It is the heaviest and longest in the catalog.  It will hurt and almost certainly mark me. I know, stop whining lion. You asked for this.

That’s true. For the record, I also asked for a mouth soaping, and corner time too. Mrs. Lion has more things I was stupid enough to suggest to try. If you wonder why I would do that, the answer is simple: I am out of my mind.

Ever since Mrs. Lion has gotten serious with her corporal punishments, I am much less interested in helping her with new tools to beat me. I don’t like the level of pain she inflicts when she punishes me. Actually, I hate it. I’m supposed to; and boy do I! So, in a little while I will taste the fruit I sowed when I ordered that extra-heavy tawse. It won’t be sweet.

I’m not sorry I’ve gotten myself into what will certainly be a world of hurt. It’s part of our evolution as a domestic discipline couple. We both agree that we want to grow into this lifestyle. We keep making slow, often-painful (for me) progress.