Wednesday Fun

Lion is wild again today. He made it the whole day at home with the plastic chastity cage on with minimal problems. When I removed it last night, there was a slight pink line where the base ring was. This happens with the Jail Bird too so I don’t think this is really a problem. However, Lion said he wasn’t sure about going to work in a cage yet.

Right now he’s being pulled in different directions. He’s working on a different project since he’s been back. He has physical therapy and a doctor’s appointment today. It wouldn’t be a good time to be messing around with a cage. When things get under control better I’ll lock him up for good. Maybe I’ll cage him for a whole weekend so he can get used to it again.

We haven’t played for a few days. The other night I figured we’d just take a night off. Last night we got caught up in watching TV. We did snuggle briefly both nights. The jealous dog can attest to that. She gets very offended when we snuggle. Tonight I’ll make a point of bringing out the Magic Wand for some Lion fun.

This morning Lion asked if 2.0 was home. I said she might be home but I’m at work. He’s wondering when she’ll show up full time. I am too. I’m trying to entice her by being stricter with Lion. Tonight might be time for maintenance swats. He mentioned the tawse we got a while ago. I know I did a very pathetic test on his but when we first got it, but I have not really hit him hard with it.

Sometimes he thinks I don’t hit very hard. He thinks I’m holding back. I haven’t been holding back. I’m probably not hitting as hard as I can, but I’m hitting as hard as I want to. I’m fairly sure my accuracy would suffer if I hit as hard as I could.I don’t think he’d like random swats on his thighs or back. Then again, he’s in no position to argue.