The Ghost is a 3D printed cage. it can be printed to give a custom fit like mine. This one fits Lion perfectly. (Click image to see NSFW image of this device on Lion)

Mrs. Lion and I have spent a lot of time talking and writing about domestic discipline (DD). It’s no secret that we are struggling with how to incorporate DD into our lives. You might wonder why  we bother if it’s so difficult for us. I asked Mrs. Lion if she thought we should just give it up. I told her it would be OK if we did.

She refused. I don’t think her refusal has anything to do with a desire to continue with a kink. I believe it is recognition that we have a valid reason to be doing it. Actually, there are two main reasons: The first is that DD gives Mrs. Lion permission to express her feelings and enforce her will. This is very important to both of us. The second is that I feel closer to her when she exercises power over me. It’s that simple. So we keep talking and writing. Hopefully, we can find a way to make it work. [Mrs. Lion — I also don’t think we’ve tried long enough to give up. I’m no quitter!]

We are both in recovery mode. I’m in my seventh week since surgery. I’m at the point when it is reasonable to resume our power exchange. Yesterday morning, Mrs. Lion locked me in the Ghost custom plastic cage. This cage was nothing but trouble the first time I wore it. It was simply so rough it rubbed me raw.

After hours of sanding, it isn’t removing skin when I wear it. It’s a three-D printed device. The makers ship it just as it comes back from the printer. That means all surfaces have a sandpaper-like finish. The first time I tried wearing it, I was bright red around the base ring and the top of my penis was scraped raw after only a few hours of wear. Given how much it costs, I would think the seller would smooth the device before sending it out.

The reason I put the time in finishing the device is the fact that it is a great design and the custom fit is perfect. Anyway, after using four grades of sandpaper and a 3M scotchbrite, the cage is smooth enough to wear. I love it! However, this product puts me in an odd position in terms of s review.

If I suggest you get one, I know that when you do you will either have to slather lube on your penis and base ring forever, or smooth the device yourself. Given that the cost of the custom cage and ring is around $300 USD, it just seems wrong to send you to their site. On the other hand, this custom nylon device is the only bespoke plastic device that you can buy. Yes, there is another machine-printed cage. I have one. It doesn’t really work for me. Ok, I’ll share my source: Custom Chastity in Australia. Buyer beware.


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    Most of us wouldn’t bother doing the work required to make it wearable. Kudos for you for doing the work.

      1. Author

        There is that fact. It would be supremely irritating though. Glad you have it so it’s working for you.

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      You must have very sensitive skin as a I have been wearing their devices now for a year and found the finish to be quite smooth I know that they do a lot of hand sanding and tumbling to get that finish as I tried a Pedro device straight from the printer and that would definitely remove a layer or two of skin. Nice design though have you seen their magic lock design as it is simply great and the finish is better still. They must be reading these Blogg’s and taking notice.

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        I corresponded extensively with them. They order extra tumbling on their devices. They admit that a big majority of their customers need to use lube. They recommend silicone. That’s due to the rough finish. After a day of wearing the device as it came to me, I had a sore on the top of my penis and a lot of redness around the base ring. I took off the Jail Bird to test this. I’ve been wearing a chastity device full time since January 2014, so I am very confident that I’m able to judge this competently. I also have the Pedro device. He shortened it to fit me. I didn’t wear it long enough to get sore. It’s design made peeing impossible without giving my balls a shower.

        Having said that, the Custom Chastity Ghost, after having to order two custom cages, fits perfectly. The first bad fit was due to me misunderstanding their measuring diagram and Foxy’s bad estimation of the right size. I finally found the error and and what I have is a near-perfect fit. There is no way their cages are smooth enough without extra sanding after delivery. For someone like me who is caged 24/7, any roughness will create open sores over time.

        If you are willing to get multiple grades of sandpaper up to around 500 grit, you can smooth the ring and cage to avoid the sores. If you use lube, you can tolerate the out-of-the box cage with only minimal irritation. I know that when I bought mine (about 4 months ago), they were unwilling to do any hand finishing prior to shipping. Considering that the cost to print both ring and cage is under $100 AU, they can afford to take an hour and finish the device.

        I hope you are right and they are improving their devices. If they want to contact me and have me review their new offering, I will be happy to do so. I haven’t seen the magic lock. I will go check it out.

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