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I was surprised to see that there is interest in my orgasm statistics. Until our server crashed, I had a widget that tracked my most recent orgasm and wait. Sadly, I can’t reproduce that functionality anymore. My average wait between orgasms currently stands at six days. That doesn’t put me particularly far off from the average for a married man of more than ten years. Does that mean I’m not really practicing male chastity?

That’s an interesting question. Is the test of enforced male chastity the level of frustration the male feels from orgasm denial? How am I different from the average male? I think that space between orgasms may be a distraction from the real point. Let me explain. Male chastity is almost always introduced by the male who will end up in a chastity device. It is his fantasies that fuel the subsequent activities. I think it is fair to say that most women aren’t all that interested in how often their partner comes. If anything, they are interested in how often they come.

So,the guy tells his partner about his fantasy. There is no shortage on the Web of male-authored chastity fantasies. The common theme is that the male is kept locked and teased. He has to spend long periods of frustration before he finally gets to ejaculate. These stories are probably what prospective caged males tell their partners. Agreeable partners lock them up and make them wait to come. How long is probably determined by feedback he gives her. After all, this is a male fantasy.

I think that makes the most sense. It just doesn’t seem all that reasonable to believe that women spend much time trying to decide how long between their husband’s orgasms. It makes even less sense to believe that many would actually care about making him earn them. Mrs. Lion is very ambiguous when I ask her about her investment in delaying when I come. I don’t think she really cares.

What she does care about is how happy I am. If she sees that I am enjoying the long form tease and deny, she will most likely make me wait. If I am getting grumpy and unhappy, an orgasm will come sooner. At least that’s how it was for the first three years. Now, my waits are about a week apart; sometimes only three or four days, others ten days or two weeks. It all averages to about a week. I know she doesn’t spend time thinking about my orgasms.

I don’t think that’s unusual. Let’s face it, my orgasm frequency isn’t entertaining to my lioness. It’s strictly for my benefit. When you look behind the curtain of your enforced chastity, isn’t that the case for you as well? Is enforced male chastity simply sexual theater? In some sense it is. What do you think?

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    A thought-provoking post that struck a chord with me. My wife, Mrs Barkis, and I are both in our late 60’s and have been very happily married for over 40 years. We are relative newcomers to enforced male chastity, and the effect on our lives in just a few short months has been nothing short of transformational.

    Until we began to play the chastity game (and we both think of it as a game, albeit a serious one), frequency of any kind of sex had dwindled to maybe once every few weeks. But since the game has been in play, I’m averaging close to 2 orgasms a week, and Mrs B probably a bit more. Not bad for old folks!

    For me there is a huge thrill in the anticipation, the not knowing when the next orgasm will be, all enhanced by frequent teasing (oh, how I love the teasing!). For her part, Mrs B loves the feeling of control and the knowledge that she is in charge of the sexual agenda. She was not often the one to make the first move in the past, but now, of course, she is _always_ the first mover and I think she’s enjoying the game every bit as much as me.

    But can what we are doing be called male chastity? I’m getting way more orgasms than before (as is Mrs B), so how can it be? Well, maybe in the sense that I no longer have any control over when, where and how the next orgasm will occur. It is entirely, completely and utterly in Mrs B’s gift, and I won’t know until it is imminent. If she told me in advance it was going to be a week next Tuesday, or Christmas Day, or whenever, the uncertainty and the thrill would be gone.

    From reading various male chastity blogs and other chastity-related stuff on the web, I get the feeling that we are not typical – but then I’m not sure there is a ‘typical’. All that matters to me is that our version of enforced male chastity has completely rejuvenated our sex life, long may it continue!

    By the way, I enjoy your blog and I’m glad it’s up and running again. Keep up the good work…


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