The weekend’s here. Last night Mrs. Lion gave me another orgasm. There was a trace of semen. I’m not convinced that pain killers are responsible for my dry orgasms. I have no idea what is behind this unwelcome change. Yesterday, I had my weekly physical therapy. It was not as painful as I expected. It still hurt.

Neither of us is back to normal yet in terms of our power exchange. I’m glad right now because it’s really hard for me to think about much beyond work and my recovery. I hate being dependent. I think Mrs. Lion is having some trouble with having to do everything around here on her own. I feel guilty as hell about that. It will be at least another six months before I can lift more than a couple of pounds with my right arm. Mrs. Lion knows this and lets me know she will take care of me no mater how long it takes.

So, neither of us has a lot of extra energy right now. I still fall asleep if I lie down to watch TV. It’s rare that I get more than two or three hours of continuous sleep at night. Last Monday night all this sleeplessness caught up to me. I got to sleep at about 2 AM. Mrs. Lion couldn’t wake me at 6:30. I woke by myself at 11:30 AM. That’s the latest I’ve slept in many years.

All this isn’t an excuse. It’s just a progress report. We’re both committed to male chastity and domestic discipline. We’ll do it. Our blog is still not up to normal. We have about 1,200 posts that are as yet not restored. The problem is being worked on. I’m hopeful that we can get everything back before too long. There are some very good people working on it.

There is good news. My libido has returned. I may not ejaculate, but I want sex. I’m also gaining range of motion with my right arm. While I can’t lift anything, I can now reach up and scratch my head. I’m able to drive and will probably be able to commute next week. Recovery from the surgery is much like the way our male chastity and domestic discipline has grown. It’s been slow, bumpy at times, but steady. I don’t think we are different from others doing the same thing. Kink is very hard to sustain 24/7.

I think that my recovery is bringing us closer together. Mrs. Lion and I get closer when we work together. I am incredibly lucky that she loves me.