Yesterday, I slept a good part of the day. Mrs. Fever kindly pointed out in a comment that sleep is a normal part of healing. I must be healing well. Whatever corner of my brain that triggers sexual interest isn’t working very well. Mrs. Lion tried stimulating me without much result. Maybe I need the Magic Wand to help start my motor. Without sexual activity, we don’t have much to write about.

Our chastity adventure started as a way to “force” us to have more physical contact. Without chastity it is all too easy to revert back. I’m making a point of asking for time to snuggle even if there is no sexual outcome. Mrs. Lion is always happy to oblige. I love the contact. I assume she does too.

I am feeling better. I only need a few pain pills a day. I think I shouldn’t need any by now. My expectations, healing and sexual, seem to be running ahead of my actual progress. I’m not surprised that my interest in sex is so low. Pain has a way of draining energy; all kinds.

I was thinking that if we returned to some of our pre-surgery activities, my libido would follow. The chastity device is out of the question. I have to sit to pee when I wear one. It is difficult for me to stand up when I sit on the bowl. My right arm stabilizes me. It’s unavailable. Domestic discipline doesn’t appeal to me either. It takes a certain level of health to deal with rules and punishments.

It sounds like I am making a case to avoid our power exchange. Perhaps I am. Sex is the uranium that fuels our power exchange. That fuel supply is depressingly low. There must be a way to replenish it. So far, how to do it eludes us. I suspect that Mrs. Lion has the key. I’m not proposing a course of action. I hope she keeps trying to get me aroused. With any luck, the blog and my sex life will get much more interesting very soon.

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    Just glad to hear from you. Your blog is about your life what ever is going on in it.

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