I’ve been sleeping a great deal of the time. I thought it was due to the pain meds I am taking. But, I haven’t needed very much of that over the last couple of days and I am still sleepy. The reason I didn’t post yesterday is because I slept when I should have been writing.  Another reason is that I have nothing kinky or sexual to say.

Some bloggers believe that we have an obligation to write hot, kinky discussions in each post. If you believe them, Mrs. Lion and I have signed up to write about sex exclusively. I have to agree that our more usual pursuits are way more fun to explore. It may not be too much longer before we are back to domestic discipline and male chastity. But not today.

Between naps I am thinking more about sex. They are lazy, Saturday afternoon sort of sex thoughts. Snuggle, stroking, kissing and gentle orgasms, A paddle would be way out of place in my current, sleepy mind. Fiery passion and yawns don’t mix well. I’ll take what I can get. This post is more of a coming attraction. It’s my notice that inside the sleepy lion, the predator quietly lurks.

I am very surprised and worried that two weeks after the surgery, I am still sapped of energy. Is this normal? I was worried enough to go see my family doctor yesterday. He wasn’t particularly disturbed to learn of my snoozing. For the record, it’s starting to get me down. Please excuse me. I need to rest.


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    Surgery takes a huge toll on the body. Major surgeries can take a year to get over. This one may take you a couple of months but you are getting better. Don’t worry and just focus on your therapy. It will come! All the best!

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    My husband always sleeps A LOT after a surgery, usually for three or four weeks. Your body repairs itself while sleeping. What you’re describing sounds pretty normal in my experience.

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