Suspenders. Really?

Every day things get a little better with my shoulder. I also learn something new about living with my disability. There’s one problem that has been giving me trouble even before the surgery: my tiny butt. I have narrow hips and a small butt. I also have a bit of a gut. As I’ve lost weight, keeping pants up has become a problem. I’ve managed to work around this issue by wearing my belt very tight. It makes me look like I have a huge belly, but my pants stay up.

With no use of my right shoulder, I realized  that tightening a belt wouldn’t be possible. So, I bought some “exercise” pants that have a drawstring to tighten them. Mrs. Lion tightens the drawstring before we go out. It doesn’t work. I walk around with my good hand holding my pants up.

I have reluctantly come to my last resort: suspenders. I’ve ordered a pair. Say hello to grandpa lion. I have riding boots and a cowboy hat. Add  a corncob pipe and, Voila!, pensioner lion. If I want to avoid being charged with indecent exposure, I’ll  have to find a way to get this new l00k t0 work. Maybe I’ll pin silly buttons to them so that I look like I work at TJ Fridays.  Or I could wear khakis and a red-and-white striped shirt and look like I work in Disneyland. Regardless of how dorky I will look wearing suspenders, it will be way better than dealing with constant wardrobe malfunctions.

I’m still experiencing considerable pain. I’m also falling asleep at odd times. I have more I want to tell you, but my shoulder isn’t cooperating. More tomorrow.


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    Have you ever seen the movie Office Space? Your comment about Friday’s made me think of Jennifer Aniston and her ‘flair’. 🙂

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