Lazy Days

Since Lion started managing his pain better, he’s been snoozing more. It’s a little disconcerting when he nods off mid-sentence, but I know it’s not because he’s not interested in the conversation. One of the side effects of the drug is drowsiness. He even falls asleep during snuggling. He thinks I’ll get mad at him for falling asleep. No way!

Lion is also worried that he’s taking advantage of me. How many times can he ask me to get up to help him with something before I hit my limit? I don’t know. He’s never been anywhere near the limit. I don’t even know what the limit is. Besides, I signed up for the long haul. It’s only been almost two weeks. A mere drop in the bucket when you consider his recovery can take a year.

Naturally, Lion will need the pain meds less and less as he goes along. And he won’t be completely helpless for long. He’s already proven that he can wander through the house on his own. He can get a drink if he wants it. He can get a snack. And he’s already answering work emails and calls. He’s looking forward to going back to work about a month after surgery.

The best part of getting well is that Lion’s sex life will normalize too. Once he can stay awake, we can play. And after waiting for so long to have an orgasm, I can make him wait to have an orgasm. Ironic, isn’t it?