I’ve returned from my trip to the sunny East. The skies may be grey here, but being back with Mrs. Lion outshines the East Coast sun. Have you noticed that almost all product reviews, whether on a website or in a commercial publication, are based on a short period of use? I think the same is true about what we can read on the Web.

The vast majority of contributors to male chastity forums are either guys who fantasize about male chastity or men who are new to it. There are exceptions, but even veterans limit their discussions to answering newbie questions. If we could take a survey of the people who write about starting male chastity at least a year after they first said they began, I bet the results would be revealing.

I’d guess that over 90% had given up in less than a year. Of those who continued, how many are doing it without a partner who is actively involved? Do many wives and girlfriends simply indulge their chaste partner’s kink? In reality is he playing alone with only minor support? My guess is that over half of the remaining guys are in this category.

In the world of kink, enforced chastity is an outlier. I have never seen a workshop in it advertised for a BDSM (See, Tom? I didn’t say “Leather event) event on this subject. The vendors at the events do offer some chastity devices, but the practice is private, even in the BDSM community context.

I think the reason this practice is so rare is that it is a 24/7 power exchange. Very, very few people in the BDSM community practice full-time power exchanges. The level of commitment and surrender are the stuff of fantasy. Very few people are willing to actually live this way.

Sales of cheap chastity devices may be on the rise, but I am sure it doesn’t correspond to a growth in the number of full-timers. I’ll bet that almost all the devices sold are intended just to see what it is like to have the penis locked in a cage. Some purchasers may be locked up for a weekend, or maybe a vacation, but how many stay locked for years?

We are in that small group of dedicated practitioners. It’s true that in the last couple of months I haven’t been wearing my device for good reason, we think. But Mrs. Lion’s orgasm control is as much in force as it is when she has me caged. I’m almost certainly going to be wild (cage free) for the next six months or more, while I heal from my upcoming shoulder surgery. But, at any point Mrs Lion can lock me back up if she desires.

For some time I have been wondering what it says about us that we practice full-time male chastity. We are in a tiny minority of the BDSM world, much less the wider world. I don’t think we are crazy. We both feel that there is enormous value in our practice. For us, it goes way beyond sexual control.  I would guess that every full-timer has a much deeper reason for continuing than just the fun of penis bondage.

Of course, it doesn’t matter at all why you practice or have interest in male chastity. If it’s a turn on, that’s enough. Enjoy it. We do.