I’m very happy Lion will be home in a few hours. I’ve been worried about how his shoulder is holding up during his trip. He’s been in a fair amount of pain and I just want to get him home so I can take care of him.

I’ve been thinking about the fact that he’s been wild for so long. Not that I think he’ll cheat or masturbate. I just think maybe we should find a way for him to wear something instead of the cage. We may already have a cock ring around here that would be comfortable enough to wear even if he’s in pain. Something that will remind him that Mr. Weenie is mine and I haven’t forgotten. No touching. Mine. All mine.

Of course, it would come off before the surgery and not go on until we decide he can manage it again. It doesn’t need to be anything locking. I don’t care if it’s a strip of Velcro wrapped around. I know Lion cares. He hates Velcro. The point is, it could be anything comfortable enough for him to wear. That definitely leaves out the Velcro. He could take it off if it bothers him too much. I’m not looking to add discomfort. Just something to take the place of the cage for a while.

For example, I recently saw a man who broke his hand, fingers and all. He had a cast on and they had to cut his wedding ring off. His wife is an art teacher. She drew fingers on the cast along with a wedding ring. It was awesome. I’d like to do something similar for Lion. No, I’m not going to draw on him. I’d just like to give him something tangible like that.


  1. Author

    Drawing wouldn’t be all bad; I’m sure that Lion wouldn’t mind having the drawing refreshed periodically…

    1. Author

      It might tickle a little bit. If he’s on pain meds anyway, why not a tattoo?

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