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When we started this blog I saw it as a daily journal of my experiences with male chastity. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I could write seven days a week about locking up my penis. Somehow, stuff came up. Over the last month or so we have both been distracted by non-sexual issues. If you’ve been reading along, it started with my kidney stones and segued into a rotator cuff crisis.

In fairness, I injured my shoulder about seven months ago, so I can’t claim it is a sudden crisis. But it came to a head a few weeks ago when I discovered I can’t get any more steroid shots to reduce the pain. For me, at least, pain has dulled my focus on our power exchange. I’m not locked in my chastity device, but all my rules are in effect and I am expected to be obedient. In fact, I was spanked on Monday.

We face a choice at this point. Many bloggers choose to stop posting when there is no  news in their chosen kink.  I considered that idea for myself. I will have to stop writing for a while after my surgery. Yes, for now at least, I have decided to go through with it. I can’t live with this pain indefinitely. I just won’t be able to type for a couple of weeks.

I’ve decided that I will continue my side of this journal even when the subject matter isn’t directly related to male chastity or domestic discipline. Maybe it is my ego speaking, but I think there is value in sharing our lives even when the subject matter has taken a different path.

The blog is unlikely to be jerk-off fodder. We aren’t interested in writing porn, even if it is a true picture of our activity. So, the wankers have found other resources. I think the value in sharing the current situation is that we are revealing how we handle adversity. And how it affects our kinks.

I don’t have a single doubt that Mrs. Lion will do anything she can to help me; even if I start growling out of pain and frustration. 2.0 isn’t going to beat me or even yell at me if that happens. I know she thought she might, but I don’t believe it. She knows that it isn’t my nature to behave that way. Drugs and pain can change me for a little while.

But I believe that our domestic discipline relationship will shorten any outbursts drastically. The reason is that I have learned to accept corrections from Mrs. Lion. If she tells me that she has heard enough growling or whining, I will listen. She may not punish me at the time, but I will get the message.

One of the main reasons I have been resisting getting my shoulder fixed is that I know I will be frustrated by my helplessness. I can accept it for a while. But, rotator cuff surgery has a recovery period that stretches into months. That is a very long time to expect me to gracefully accept being helpless.

The main reason I have decided to have the surgery is my absolute confidence that Mrs. Lion will take care of me. It won’t make me hate such a long recuperation any less. But I feel safe. I know I will be safe. My sweetie will make sure of that.

The reason I decided to keep writing, even if not about our kinks, is that some of our regular readers care about us. Maybe in some ways we are a role model for others who do what we practice. At the very least, Mrs. Lion and I will have a complete record of this time in our lives.


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    I know it’s hard to saying yes to going under the knife but in the long run its a good thing. When your sitting with nothing to do in your P/J after about a week you will need something to keep you focused on you just might want to do a little typing.

  2. Author

    The doctor can prescribe medication to keep you from getting blocked up from your pain meds. I purchased some elastic shoe laces when I had hip replacement surgery. It made your shoes, requiring laces, to be more like loafers. Slip in and out. There are some sock devices that will help you put on you own socks.
    As far as continuing with your blog, perhaps picking up a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking which converts speech to text would help.

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    I’m so glad we will still be able to read your blog so you can tell us all how you are going on . Best wishes from England. Hope it all go’s well ????

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