Rolling With the Punches

We’ve been in a lull since, well for a long time. Lion’s allergies kicked in and then he got the surgery news. He hasn’t been in the mood. And anytime I try to arouse him, he apologizes for not being arouse-able. Of course there’s no reason to apologize. For my part, to get myself in the habit of play, it’s important that I make an attempt. Otherwise I’ll let things go again and poor Lion will not have any play in his life.

I’ve even given punishment the day(s) off. I owe Lion some swats for leaving his training collar home on one of our outings. I caught him again on Friday, but gave him a pass since he had visions of MRIs and surgery dancing in his head. Too many things to think about without remembering a training collar. I don’t think I’m letting things go so I don’t have to do them. I think I’m letting them go because Lion needs some space.

Lion has been wild for weeks. Initially it was because he was going to get an orgasm a day. Then it turned into an orgasm every few days. Obviously he couldn’t be caged for the MRI and now he’s just wild because we’re not really in that mode for the moment. We’re all about figuring out what needs to happen if he has surgery. How will he pee if he’s in the sling and dressed? How will he buckle his belt? How will he pet the dog if he sleeps on the right side of the bed and it’s his right shoulder that will be incapacitated?

The last one might be silly, but since his nightstand is on the right side, not being able to reach the dog also means he can’t reach the nightstand. Just some of the things we have to think about. I am maybe a little more “skilled” at thinking about the tiniest details in recuperation because of my parents. After hearing doctors tell my post-polio mother, “Just jump up on the exam table for me.”, I know things are not always as simple as they seem.

Tonight is punishment night. He hasn’t reminded me yet. I guess I just gave away my right to punish him for tonight. But I will give him the swats I owe him already. Unless he’s in too much pain. Roll with the punches. That’s what it’s all about right now.