Domestic Discipline Vs Female Led Relationship

Most of the stuff written about domestic discipline centers around physical punishment. The most disturbing aspect appears to be administration of punishments. Most of the blogs on the subject write in amazing detail about punishing the errant spouse. I don’t think that is the most important thing about domestic discipline.

From what I’ve read, most bloggers seem to think that domestic discipline is for some, the punishment side of a female led relationship. I disagree. A FLR can be many things. At the least, the female partner has the last say on decisions. How day-to-day living goes can be completely vanilla. The woman is in charge in the same way the man is in charge of a traditional relationship.

There is no more implication of obedience than in a vanilla relationship. There is no BDSM mistress stuff needed. It can be there, but it isn’t a component of the FLR. In fact there is nothing radical about it. Probably most people practicing it have no notion of the idea that this sort of thing has a name. It’s just who is in charge. She is.

Domestic discipline, on the other hand, carries a very different meaning. In our case, Mrs. Lion is the disciplining wife. Most DD relationships are male-led. In the DD relationship, the Head of House (HOH) takes on much more than just being the decider. She controls her mate in many ways. The primary control is obedience. The disciplined husband (me) agrees to blindly obey his disciplining wife (Mrs. Lion). Any failure to obey or please the HOH results in punishment.

That means that Mrs. Lion doesn’t just makes decisions for us, she controls any aspect of my life she wishes. For example, she wants me to wear red underpants. I don’t own a single pair of any other color. She wants to always eat first. I wait or get punished. The punishment isn’t an exciting BDSM activity. It is a serious act of retribution designed to make me remember to follow my rule.

My point is that domestic discipline isn’t about discipline. It is about obedience. In most mature DD relationships, punishment is very rare. The disciplined husband obeys and behaves as the HOH wishes. Slips are few and far between. When they occur, punishment is swift and severe.

My DD relationship is the very extreme cousin of FLR. Punishment is probably the least extreme aspect of it. Most significant is the level of control my HOH maintains. There is no aspect of my life she can’t dictate. I don’t get a vote. I can’t say no. Do as she says or suffer a painful reminder of who’s in charge.

That doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion is in charge of everything. She lets me pay the bills and make many of the family decisions. Of course, she always has a veto, but she let’s me handle a lot. I’m not her simpering slave. I’m her masculine husband who can do what he likes as long as she allows him. I love, honor and obey.

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