I am tentatively scheduling Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays as play days. Lion should have more play days than punishment days. Obviously any day can be punishment day. And, likewise, any day can be play day. This is not to say that we have to play on those days. If Lion doesn’t feel like playing, that’s fine. I just want to be sure he has the opportunity.

You may think that gives him too much power. He’ll decide when he wants to play. That’s no good. Who’s in charge anyway? Me. I’m in charge. I’ve decided when he gets to play if he feels like it. I’m not going to force him to play anymore than I’ll force him to be edged. Suppose he’s in a blah mood. The last thing he may want is something shoved up his ass or having his balls swatted.

Play is for fun. Duh! What I mean is, he has to be in the mood for it. Unlike punishment, it makes perfect sense to be able to put off play. Lion can just say, “Not tonight, dear.” I will delay a punishment if Lion isn’t feeling well or something else is going on. But, for the most part, punishments go on as required.

Lion has already told me he’s in a blah mood today. He’s not sure why. I’m not sure if it will change before tonight. If it does, we can play. If it doesn’t, no harm no foul. We can either try again tomorrow night or wait till Friday. The main thing is for Lion not to feel neglected. He should never get to a point that he misses playing.

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    Feeling neglected is a terrible thing. Been there done that. So I know what I’m talking about. On the other hand I’m fairly certain that Lion will never suffer that with you as his Lioness. After following your blog for the past year and a bit, I know Lion will either be punished or played with. He will not be neglected.

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