A Different Look At Wait Time

I haven’t had that many waits lasting much more than 10 days. The current one may turn out to break my previous record (21 days, I think). I always imagined that when I finally get to come, it would be so intense I would nearly pass out. My experience is quite different.

That long-awaited orgasm hurts more than delights. Yes, it is intense for me, but not in a way I enjoy. The buildup is there just the same as when Mrs. Lion edges me. But when I get past the point of no return, there isn’t that amazing crescendo. It’s more a kind of empty feeling and a slight burning as the semen comes out.

I know other guys have described the same sort of effect. Sometimes, even after a fairly short wait the same thing happens to me. If I get a chance to come a few days after that long wait, the orgasm is amazing. I have no explanation for this effect. I’ve also noticed that if I finally get to come after an extra-long teasing session, the orgasm can be less intense as well.

This isn’t an argument for Mrs. Lion to limit her pre-orgasm teasing, nor for her to keep my waits short. I would put my orgasmic experiences in the “personal problem” folder and not let them affect decisions regarding teasing and waits between orgasms. It just seems odd to me that my physical responses would be so counter-intuitive.

Given all this, Mrs. Lion’s instinct to alternate long and short waits would optimize my pleasure. Of course, a long series of 5 to 10 day waits wouldn’t make the orgasms unpleasant. That appears to be the optimum range of tease vs ejaculate.

I suspect that with conditioning – gradually increasing waits by a day every couple of orgasms – would probably learn to have “good” orgasms after longer waits. Of course, this may never become an issue with us. Mrs. Lion sees no particular value in making me wait very long. I agree with her reasoning. Her control is expressed by her ability to decide, without my input, what my sexual experiences will be.

That’s the core of enforced chastity. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be about making the male wait a long time between orgasms. It’s about making him wait until his keyholder decides to give him one. If Mrs. Lion makes me come every day, something I don’t particularly like, it is her expression of control over me. She knows I don’t particularly like it, so she doesn’t do it. I disagree with that decision.

Just to reassert her sexual power a period of daily orgasms (a couple of weeks, I guess) would send me a powerful message. Making me wait two or three weeks isn’t a lot of fun, but I love the teasing I get while I wait. I know that I’ve learned to accept longer waits with no particular stress. I wonder if I can learn to handle very frequent orgasms. After four or five daily orgasms, I truly don’t want more. If she persists, could I learn to tolerate, even enjoy that attention. I’m curious.

Then, once I learn to enjoy daily orgasms, how will it feel if suddenly there is a two week wait? I think it might be interesting to keep me sexually off balance. In my experience, varying from a few days to a week or ten days is comfortable for me. What if the range expands. How would two or three weeks of daily orgasms followed by a three week wait feel? Would that send me strong control message? Will I get to find out?