Lion’s Red Butt

As Lion said in his post this morning, I like him in red underwear. I think he looks good with a red butt. Pun intended. I didn’t actually say he had to wear nothing but red, but if he needs that black and white rule then his butt will be red. It’s true, it is his favorite color. I just think it looks very nice on him. Currently he has blue, yellow, gray, red, and white. He asked if I liked him better in white. Nope. Maybe it’s the style of his white underwear, but they don’t look as nice as color.

My favorite color is blue, but the red really draws my eyes to his cute tush. Not that I need any help eyeing his tush, especially when he bends over. Yum! He often tells me that I can ask him to bend over whenever I want the view, but there’s something yummier about a spontaneous mooning. Obviously, I’d rather have a naked mooning than an underwear mooning, but I’ll take that tush view any way I can get it.

I’m more likely to fondle Lion’s buns than my weenie or balls. When he’s facing me, of course, I go for the balls. Most other times, it’s the buns. When I do, he wiggles for me. Depending on how much attention I give him, he’ll let out a purr. He may even arch his back and stick his butt out for me. Cats of all sizes like to be petted.

All this talk of underwear does not change the fact that Lion still has to be naked at home. I’ll just be treated to the flash of red when he’s getting dressed and undressed. Maybe at some point I’ll have him give me a little show in his red undies. Maybe he’ll walk the big catwalk for me. I think when he gets his new undies in a few weeks, he should have to model each pair for me. Yup. The Lion’s Secret fashion show. I’m looking forward to it.

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