I don’t know if Lion was particularly in the mood for it or not, but he received his punishment swats for forgetting to remind me of last Thursday’s punishment day. I think I gave him eight very hard swats and raised a shallow bruise that always tends to show up. Once it even bled a little.

I know. I know. Eight swats is nothing. He’s a wimp and I’m too scared to go further. I know. But remember, we’re just getting started with real punishment. It will take some time for us to get up to speed. And we had this setback while he was sick. I spent a lot of time nursing him back to health. I don’t look forward to breaking him again.

The thing is, Lion is giving me another shot at swatting him. He forgot to thank me for his punishment last night. So tonight I’ll have to select my paddle and have at his buns again. It’s true that it isn’t punishment night tonight, but I should punish him as close to the infraction as possible. I’d already punished him last night. I suppose I could have used a different form of punishment, but he seemed a little distant already. I didn’t want to push the issue. I just pointed out his mistake and we’ll deal with it tonight.

I’ve also been thinking, although half-heartedly, about coming up with different punishment methods. I have inklings of ideas and I’m not sure if they’d be used in conjunction with spanking or instead of. For example, Lion has pointed out that some women make the man stand in the corner after a spanking. Could he be made to stand in the corner instead of a spanking? Sure it would be less painful physically, but from a humiliation point of view it may have more of an effect.

I know Lion hates diapers and girly toenails. Could they be used as punishment? Again, not so much pain, but humiliation. Maybe he has to watch Criminal Minds with me for a certain length of time with no distracting iPad and without making any comments about not liking the show. Or maybe he has to watch “little did she know” (true crime) shows with me without making any comments. That would be evil of me. I’m not sure he could do it.


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    I wonder if Lion ever gets his mouth washed out with soap? It’s a punishment I really hate (translation: effective).

    1. Author

      We’ve talked about it but haven’t done anything about it yet.

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    Hey – I actually enjoy watching Criminal Minds with my wife. (Her kids call it “Murder porn”.)

    1. Author

      Lion can handle most of an episode. He doesn’t tolerate the marathons of hours and hours of Criminal Minds. He’ll either leave the room or ask if we can change the channel.

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    Since my wife has had recent surgery punishments have been rare but this past weekend she erased my backlog of punishment. She did spank me but she also used nipple clamps, icy hot, and the zapper. There were several times I was finding the weekend most unpleasant.

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    Out of the hospital and into the fire. Ouch.

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    Corner time is a great way to prepare for spanking is login have your boy stand in the corner nude as you prepare for spanking punishment it raises the expectation level and excitement of anticipation

    1. Author

      I don’t agree. Generally,corner time provides time to fully feel the burn and reflect on the offense.

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