Even Keel

At our weekly weigh-in, Lion lost seven pounds. Maybe I need to get kidney stones. I only lost a fraction of a pound. Poor Lion is still snoozing a lot. I don’t know if it’s the pain pills or the antibiotic wiping him out, but being sick is certainly taking a toll on him. Me too, I guess. I was just snoozing right beside him.

The other night, as we were falling asleep, Lion told me how much he appreciates my help and love through all this. He’s scared. There was a lot of infection brewing in there and if his fever spikes he could wind up back in the hospital. What if he’s admitted when he goes back for the second surgery? There are still a lot of unknowns and the anxiety is getting to him.

The next morning, he was a toddler. He got upset at me for small things. I know he’s sick. I know he’s scared. But going from hero to zero in the span of seven hours was a bit much for me. Then I got to work and got the disapproval of the big boss because I had to leave early to get Lion’s antibiotic that wasn’t in stock the day before. As I said, he had a lot of infection. He needed a lot of antibiotic.

On my way home yesterday, I picked up lunch. We ate a lot. At dinner time, I wasn’t really hungry. Lion was. After he ate, his stomach was bothering him. This morning, I was hungry and he was not. It’s been hard to maintain an even keel both emotionally and physically lately. I know his toddler moments are because he’s sick and scared. He’s not intentionally acting out. It’s all just part of the roller coaster he’s on. Sometimes I can react better than others. I guess I’m on a similar roller coaster.

We’ll get through this. We’ve been through worse. Lion and I are stuck with each other for good.


  1. Author

    I love reading about your relationship and hope that Lion gets well soon. Just make sure he really does what the doctors tell him to do. He reminds me of myself and I often think that I know better than the doctors. I mean – what do they know, really? All they have is their long education, training, expertise and knowledge. Me on the other hand have a hunch or a feeling – so I don’t have to do what the doctors tell me to do. 🙂
    So tie him down if you have to!

    Best wishes from a very cold Sweden….

    1. Author

      I used to be like you, but now it doesn’t belong to me anymore.

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