A Novice Domestic Discipline Couple

Last week, before I left, we were snuggling in bed and chatting. Mrs. Lion mentioned (again) that I am very different when wearing the training collar. She said I am much more careful of my behavior. I asked her if she likes that. She said she does. My next question was whether I should wear it more often. Now, I only wear it when we are together and out of the house. She replied, “Maybe.” That’s a typical lioness answer. I rarely get a clear “yes” or “no”. It is usually a soft way of saying no to me. Once in a while, she wants to consider the suggestion, and will give a positive response within a day or two.

There are a couple of things at work here. It may be that when I wear the collar, I know that at any time I can receive a painful shock. Unlike other corrections, I don’t have to submit. It just happens; a stroke of lightning if you will. Putting it on is a submissive act. But I do that some time before the collar actually zaps me. One reader suggested that I could remove the collar since it isn’t locked on.

Well, that’s not strictly true. The collar is under my underpants and trousers. I would have to drop my pants and underpants to take it off.  I could possibly turn it off. There’s a button on the front of the device that, when pressed and held, will either turn the device on or off. However, with a glance at her iPhone, Mrs. Lion can see if the collar is on or not. If she finds it off, either because I forgot to wear it, or because I turned it off, I will get punished. It’s not coming off.

Now that Mrs. Lion has decided that any disciplinary spanking will be administered with full force, using it for relatively minor offenses can seem unfair. That isn’t the case now. We are both learning domestic discipline and we agree that breaking trivial rules should earn me a spanking. We do it because we both need the practice.

At some point, a spanking may be too severe for just dropping food on my shirt. But it is an offense that requires correction. Could wearing the training collar at home be a way to provide that correction? Will I be on my best behavior at home if I am wearing it? That’s what I asked Mrs. Lion to consider.

I know she has also been thinking about adding mouth soaping to her arsenal of punishments. It’s very significant that she came up with the idea of soaping on her own. She told me that she wants to switch from a liquid body wash to a bar soap. While rummaging through our supplies, she found a bar of Ivory soap. We bought that ten years ago for play. I suggested it back then. She used it just once. Without any suggestions from me, she told me my mouth might be soaped some day. Yuck.

Despite what some readers think, I don’t actively seek new ways to make things harder for myself. I do feel that I have a responsibility to provide Mrs. Lion with information that she can use as a disciplinary wife. I encourage her to do this research on her own.

There is an old saying: A punishment not demonstrated isn’t effective. This is the principle behind tough jail sentences. It deters others from risking such horror. On a domestic scale, a disciplined husband has to know exactly how each punishment feels before it becomes an effective deterrent.

In my case, I can imagine what something would be like. But that’s not the same as experience. For example, until very recently I didn’t take spanking very seriously. The disciplinary spankings I received were indistinguishable from the play spankings I got in the past. When Mrs. Lion turned up the volume, I got a new message. The threat of spanking is an effective deterrent for me.

While it may seem that Mrs. Lion has the most to learn, I would disagree. I have things to learn as well. My lessons are of a different, less-comfortable kind.


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