It’s Not Fair

Occasionally we get a comment that asks if I get to punish Mrs. Lion if she breaks a rule. That would only be fair if I could wouldn’t it? Of course I can’t. She locks me in a chastity device and decides when I get to ejaculate. No matter how horny I am and how desperate I am to have an orgasm, I have to wait until she wants to give me one. She, on the other hand, can come as often and as much as she likes. That’s not fair.

It isn’t. It’s not supposed to be. Power exchanges, like enforced chastity, are surrender and acceptance of control over another person. In our case, me. I gave up the ability to use my penis (well, her weenie) for anything other than peeing. I wear a chastity device that insures I keep my paws off. I haven’t masturbated in over three years. There have been times I truly wanted to; but I no longer own that part of my anatomy.

Her ownership isn’t based on the device I wear almost all of the time. It’s not that simple. Even if I am wild, she owns it and I am not allowed to touch except to pee and shower. Absolutely no sexual touching; ever. If I am wild and my hand wanders south for a little stimulation, I am honor bound to report this to Mrs. Lion and accept a very painful spanking. That’s not fair either.

We’ve extended our inequality much further. Mrs. Lion has the right (and obligation) to correct any behavioral failures on my part. I am to obey her in all things. If I fail, I am punished. Really not fair! But that is what we have decided to do. It sounds like I must have a really miserable life. I don’t.

While my lioness has the power to make me do anything she wants, from cleaning the house to wearing wet diapers, it doesn’t mean she uses it. Yes, she does put me in diapers every so often; for my own good I am told. But she doesn’t make me do all of the work around the house. We share it.

While the power exchanges are inherently unfair. Mrs. Lion isn’t. She loves me and wants me to have a happy life. She does some things that hurt and humiliate me. But she does them because she knows that’s what I want. When she corrects me, it’s because I have done something that isn’t fair to her. Interrupting her or other disrespectful acts deserve stern correction. If I am not obedient, I am going back on our agreement. I should be corrected for that. Similarly, if I break a rule of any kind, silly or not, I need correction. I agreed to obey and follow rules. She didn’t agree that I could only obey the ones I like.

It’s always been tranquil in he lions’ den. We are best friends. These recent changes are at my request. Mrs. Lion agreed to honor those requests as long as they don’t damage what we already have.

While it seems that fairness has taken a left turn in our lives, it’s not true. Our power exchanges are acts of love Mrs. Lion is giving me. Far from unfair, all these restrictions in my life are making me happy and satisfied. Fairness is truly in the eye of the beholder.


  1. Author

    I have been reading Camille Paglia recently. One of her quotes stands out, “They have only a brief season of exhilarating liberty between control by their mothers and control by their wives. The agon of male identity springs from men’s humiliating sense of dependence upon women. It is women who control the emotional and sexual realms, and men know it.”

    I am going to prepare a blog article on the remarkable thinking and writing of Ms. Paglia!

    1. Author

      When I initially read your comment, my immediate reaction was that this is yet another glib feminist, politically correct view of a very complex subject. Then, after thinking about it further, I realized that at some level this is true. Essentially, she claims that a wife replaces her husband’s mother as the controlling female in his life. Of course, my male take on this is that my wife provides emotional and sexual support in the form of love.

      I think that all mammals display the behavior Camille Paglia describes. Let’s eliminate her characterizations of what happens as “humiliating”. Males do allow females to reject them sexually without consequence. We are genetically programmed to wait for a female to be in “heat” (in humans “receptive”) before copulating with her. Is this sexual dependence? I suppose it is. But human behavior is much more complex than that. It’s also amazingly variable.

      Of course, pretty much all sitcoms are based on women manipulating their mates. It’s the longest running joke in the world. Is the reality that women do consider it funny the way we can be so easily controlled? It makes us pathetic and weak; at least by her account.

      Humiliation is certainly part of my kink. I think humiliating me is one of the most difficult things that Mrs. Lion attempts with me. It should not only be easy, but natural if Ms. Paglia is correct. I’m not going to deny that being subject to punishment and being locked in a chastity device aren’t humiliating. They’re supposed to be. It’s what I want from Mrs. Lion. I just don’t think I am a typical man.

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