To Orgasm or Not to Orgasm

travel chastity device
Does it stay or does it go? This is the cage lion is testing. It’s TSA-safe. He’s only worn it 24 hours. Should I take a chance and make him wear it while he is on his trip next week?

I think Lion is back to his old self again. It seems as soon as he’s unlocked, my weenie is on its way to getting hard. And after I played with Lion for a while last night, I think I did seven or eight edgings, he’s frustrated long after I lock him back up. Part of me feels badly that he’s frustrated. All of me is glad he’s horny again. He had a long run of feeling broken. I hate when he feels that way.

Lion was amazed last night when he realized it’s only been four days since his ruined orgasm. He says it feels like much longer. [Lion — This is probably because the ruined orgasm didn’t provide any satisfaction. If you don’t count the ruined orgasm, the wait is now 6 days, not 4. That’s my “peak”.] Again, he’s a horny boy. And that leads me to my quandary of the day. Before the crack of dawn tomorrow, I have to get Lion to the airport for a trip to the east coast. He will likely be wild. We received another cage that can get through airport security, but he hasn’t been wearing it long enough to know how comfortable it is. With security being what it is, he can’t even take nail clippers with him to cut himself out of the plastic locking mechanism if it gets too uncomfortable. It’s not like he can go down to the hotel front desk and ask to borrow scissors to extricate himself. So I think he will be wild.

The question is, do I leave him wild without an orgasm or do I give him an orgasm tonight to let off the pressure? In the past, he’s said he doesn’t really even think about sex when he’s all alone in a hotel room. However, one of the times I’ve left him wild recently, he confessed to touching my weenie in a sexual way. I’m 99% sure he won’t masturbate to orgasm. Will he be tempted to play with my weenie? I know our readers are screaming, “Don’t give him an orgasm! He gets too many as it is!”

That is a valid point. Lion is a lucky boy when it comes to coming. He should be able to restrain himself from keeping his hands off of my property. It’s not like two weeks will kill him. Especially since he says he’s not really horny when he’s away from me. All good arguments. I’ll have to see how I feel later. I have been looking forward to a good blow job ending in a mouthful of cum. But it would be a good test for Lion. Yup, quandary.

[Lion — I’ve been wearing the new device since yesterday afternoon. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to wear. I can certainly get a nail clipper or borrow scissors at the office if I need to cut myself out. This cage has a plastic seal for travel. It is the first custom plastic chastity cage I have found. Stay tuned for my review after I’ve had a chance to wear it for a bit longer.]


  1. Author

    Well from a guys point he is a big boy and you both seem so suited to each other I would say don’t give him one let him wait till his back maybe even a day or 2 later just to make sure he knows who’s in control. Dam wish it was me LOL But its your call Mrs. Lions

  2. Author

    Your test toy looks good. Pictures of it in pieces and assembled would be nice. That you both for your candor. Your blog is very encouraging. Good luck on your trip even if you just take it with you and put it on when you get to the room and send miss lion a picture of it locked.

    1. Author

      I’ll be publishing a review in a few weeks. No need to take it off. It will go through security while I wear it.

  3. Author

    Go on let him have one then put his new cage on.He’s been a good boy hasn’t he and your going to miss him.It will keep him thinking of you until he gets home

  4. Author

    Well you likely already know what I think–don’t give him the orgasm and have him wear the new cage. I find wearing the cage helps me think of my wife far more often. But I think I know Mrs. Lion too. You’ll give him an orgasm and let him go wild. But that’s ok. Whatever works for the two of you is great. I know I’ll get to read about it later.

  5. Author

    Suggestion – Best of all worlds… Unlocked through security, back into it at destination for a couple of days with a bag tie as a restraint to be sure of fit, then the plastic lock.In the grand scheme of things it is kinder for him — unless of course, ……

    1. Author

      Best of all your worlds. Mine isn’t like that at all.

  6. Author

    Wish my wife was like you Miss Lion and had the same desires toward me. Actually read some of your writings to her but being caged is something I want more than what she wants. She doesn’t get into the teasing end of things and it’s almost frustrating and makes me feel unwanted sometimes. Not sure how to handle it. I enjoy reading your Blog

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