Why In The World Do I Want To Be Punished?

I like to analyze things. Before starting anything new, I dig as deeply into the subject as much as possible. Domestic discipline has been particularly challenging. The reason it’s given me so much trouble to understand is that it is far more complex than I originally thought.

At first blush, domestic discipline is the application of physical punishments in response to offenses committed by the disciplined spouse. That’s a reasonable definition. But it begs the question of why the disciplined husband, in my case, would not only submit to this, but actively request it and support it. Another, equally important question is why a partner would assume the role of HOH (Head of Household) and administer true punishment.

These questions also apply to enforced chastity as well. Why would a man ask to have his penis locked in a chastity device only to then be forced to forego sex until his keyholder decided he could get release? Both situations appear to create unpleasant outcomes to the men who subscribe to them.

I think that both practices actually have two dimensions: The first is that to many guys they are sexy games. Many men like games with consequences, particularly if they are sexual in nature. That’s the part that attracts me to them. In the case of domestic discipline, I am turned on by the idea of being spanked. There’s something very sexy to me about the combination of humiliation and pain.

That’s the first part. The second part is the part that isn’t the least bit sexy: punishment. Domestic discipline involves real, physical punishments. Almost always that includes disciplinary spanking. As I’ve learned that a disciplinary spanking is pure pain. It isn’t a bit sexy. If I start out hard because the idea of being spanked turns me on, within seconds the erection goes away and I have no thougts of sex. A disciplinary spanking has only one purpose: administer as much pain as possible without causing lasting injury.

Several readers are incredulous that I would subject myself to bruising paddlings and strappings. Even after having received several of these, I still submit when required. Maybe guys are just not very bright. But even though I know what’s coming, the thought arouses me. It still motivates me. There is a second reason I don’t demand Mrs. Lion stop: I agree that the behavior she is correcting needs to be extinguished.

So far Mrs. Lion hasn’t used any other type of punishment. Things like corner time do not appeal to me at all, but I will comply because domestic discipline is proving to be effective in our relationship. Speaking of Mrs. Lion, you may wonder why she would agree to administer punishments to her husband. After all, it could be argued that these punishments make her more my mother than my wife.

The simple answer is that it doesn’t change our roles that way at all. I get punished like a child if I do childish things. That doesn’t mean I don’t protect her and take care of her as my wife. I do. In some sense I am still a child. I think most guys are. Our wives have long known that even if we don’t acknowledge it. I don’t think Mrs. Lion has lost respect for me even though she punishes me.

I know she enjoys the game aspect. She gets a little grin when she catches me breaking a rule. I know she doesn’t enjoy hurting me. It’s taken her a long time to work up to a truly disciplinary spanking. Neither of us likes punishment. We do it because it works. She lets me know that something I’ve done (or forgotten to do) is unacceptable. She demonstrates that it has made her angry or unhappy.

Hopefully, I learn not to repeat the offense. If I don’t, then I am punished again; perhaps more severely. Aside from teaching me, the punishment also provides closure for both of us. Mrs. Lion is sure I have heard her displeasure at my behavior. I feel absolved from the guilt of knowing I have upset her. Justice has been served and peace returns to our lives.

It’s taken me a while to understand this. When we started, neither of us realized that a spanking was supposed to be very painful. I would complain and Mrs. Lion would avoid spots that were particularly sensitive. Now, I don’t complain and she isn’t concerned with how much I like what she is doing. I’m supposed to hate it. I do.

Since neither of us has any memory of being physically punished as children, we have to learn things many people know from their childhood experiences. We’re still learning. The fine art of discipline has evolved and has been passed down from parents to children over centuries. It’s not as simple as we thought. We still have a lot to learn; for example, scolding. Stay tuned. We will keep you posted with our progress.

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