End Of The Year

We got my training collar a couple of months ago. There was a small technical glitch with it. We returned it and got a new one. When you set up the collar, you can set a PIN so that only someone with the PIN can zap the collar. When we set up the second collar, Mrs. Lion didn’t set a PIN. Anyone with the PetSafe app could zap me if they were in range (about 30 ft). I discovered this by accident when I downloaded the app so I could test to see if I remembered to turn the collar on before strapping in. I had.

I’m not sure how much of a problem this really is. After all, anyone who wanted to zap me would have to have the app, be close enough to connect with the collar, and have some interest in zapping me. I think the PIN is probably overkill. But still. Later we will figure out how to put a PIN on the collar.

Mrs. Lion wondered why she would have to remember the PIN. I suggested she would need it if the app failed or she wanted to give it to a friend.

“Give it to a friend?”

she asked. I didn’t come up with much of an answer. In fact, I was thinking about the various posts I’ve read about domestic discipline. At some point a female relative of the disciplining wife gets in on the fun. Having someone witness a spanking, or actually give one to the poor male is a frequent, humiliating twist in these accounts. So you could see why I thought Mrs. Lion might want to share my PIN.

I admit it. It’s kind of titillating to think of a third party involved on some level in my discipline. I’m not sure how I would feel about it if there was a real chance someone else would be part of all this. But this sort of controlled humiliation is exciting to me. Go figure.

It’s New Years Eve. 2016 has been a difficult year for many of us. Many famous people died before their times. A very painful U.S. election with a questionable outcome added to the general malaise. Mrs. Lion and I, however, had a good year. I got my current job which I love. We both are happier and more comfortable with our power exchanges. More people read our blog and share their thoughts. We are closer than ever.

It will be good to usher in a new year tonight. We will be spending a quiet evening at home. We bought a prime standing rib roast for dinner. I’ll roast it with red-skinned potatoes. We’ll toast the new year with bubbling apple juice and then probably go to sleep.

Happy New Year!


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    Happy New Year to the two of you! I wish you continued success and happiness in your FLM and chastity lifestyle.

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    Happy new year from England

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    Seasons greetings to you both from North-East England.

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