Good Boy

Lion is off on another business trip. He’s wild again, but it shouldn’t matter much because he got an orgasm last night. I like to send him off with a bang, so to speak.

The new cage has been leaving a red ring and a few other red marks on him. I think it’s probably because it’s not as smooth as the Jail Bird. The plastic resin has a texture to it. However, from time to time, the Jail Bird also leaves a red ring. Since the Jail Bird will set off security and the plastic one is so new, I decided it made more sense to leave Lion wild rather than have him be sore the entire trip. And he hasn’t worn it long enough to know how he’d endure a six hour flight with it on.

There’s also an issue with the new cage’s length. When Lion is laying down, my weenie is right against the end of the cage. When he’s standing, my weenie is about one quarter to half an inch from the end. That makes peeing more difficult. I need him focused on his job rather than on where pee will wind up. He gets home late Friday night. By Saturday he’ll be right back in the new cage for more testing. The length will still be too long, but he can test it for pinching and comfort. On Monday he’ll be off to work in the Jail Bird.

Lion reminded me from 35,000 feet that today is punishment day. I told him I don’t have a paddle that long. I don’t know if my last spanking session cured Lion, but he’s been on his best behavior since Friday night. I’m sure he’ll falter at some point in the future. He’s not perfect. He’ll need reminders from time to time. My paddle and I will be waiting.