Sufficient Punishment

You can’t teach an old Lion new tricks. Or old tricks either I guess. We went out last night and before we left the house I wondered if he’d put on the training collar. Of course, I wasn’t going to remind him. It’s his job to remember. When we got to our destination I took out my phone to see if I could connect to the training collar that was still on Lion’s dresser. No luck. I showed him the phone app that said it was unable to connect. He gave me a sheepish grin and said it couldn’t connect because it was too far away. Yup. That’ll do it.

He can’t say he was distracted by horniness. He had his orgasm the night before. He’d also had punishment the night before. He wondered last night if he had built up the punishment to such a level in his mind that he thought it would be worse than it was, but perhaps it really was a harsh punishment. It just didn’t reach the level in his mind so he felt lucky. Apparently it wasn’t hard enough or he might have remembered his training collar. I guess I’ll have to step it up more.

To add insult to injury, (or more injury to injury in the case of Lion’s butt) he spilled food on himself at dinner. I know he didn’t do it on purpose. I don’t think he can really help it. I’ve even been accidentally dropping food on my shirt. We joke it’s a good thing he doesn’t get punished when I do it. But Lion needs to keep himself clean. That’s the rule. He just needs more reminders.

I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a more effective punishment. So far, I’ve got the nasty, little clothespins for his cock or menthol on his balls. I’m not sure if those would be any more effective than spanking. I think they both hurt more, but that doesn’t necessarily make them more effective. I’m not sure I should have alternate punishments anyway. Wouldn’t that send mixed signals? Or maybe I need an arsenal at my disposal. I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.

I’m also wondering if I should change punishment from two nights a week to the night it happens. When Lion built up the punishment in his mind the other day, he said the punishment didn’t seem as bad. That’s the opposite effect I want. I do want him dreading the swats, but not to the extent that his imagination is worse than real life. Perhaps if I do it the same night, or the next night depending on when the infraction occurs, he’ll be sufficiently concerned without being too concerned.

We are definitely a work in progress.


  1. Author

    Some women really like to exploit the dread and create as much anxiety as possible. I see a pro who does that both professionally and in her personal DD. She did it to me, and it was godawful. I barely slept for a week. It was worse than I imagined and in many ways worse than the physical pain.

    1. Author

      Couldn’t agree more. My punishments normally have three steps:
      1) You are to be punished
      2) You will receive your punishment on (she gives a day never a time)
      3) the actual punishment.

      The waiting and wishing it was over ,to me, brings more of her controlling side to the fore.

  2. Author

    Sorry guys but you are confusing punishment with results.I agree that stretching out the time until a punishment occurs can add mental anguish to the pain in your tush. But if she wants to bring about behavior change she should spank immediately or as close to the offense as possible even if she has to remove him from the room as I have done with my husband.The problem is the male mind sees future punishment as abstract and too far in the future to take seriously. But they take it very seriously if you take their pants down on the spot and they remember that better too.

    1. Author

      I’m not sure how I was confusing anythimg. I just explained what she does and it’s impact. I wasn’t advocating it or focusing on results. I was just explaining how she adds a psychological component to make the event as bad as possible and how disruptive it was to experience it. If you really want me to shut down on you, scheduling a spanking for a later date and then scaring me about it is very effective. In my case, she’s a pro, so she didn’t see the shutting down part, but she does the same thing to her boyfriend.

    2. Author

      I agree with you. Getting punishment as close as possible to the offense is much more memorable to me.

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