Enforced Chastity Workshop 1: Expectations

Welcome to our first online workshop. Today we are looking at the most basic issue in enforced chastity: expectations.

Men and women are very different. It goes way deeper than sex organs. We don’t think the same way. For example, most guys find seeing a naked woman arousing. Women aren’t generally turned on by naked men. Males are much more visual than females. That’s just the surface of the differences.

We males think a lot about sex and about our penises. I doubt that women spend that much time thinking about penises or, for that matter, vaginas. We’re wired differently. I’m turned on by being locked into a chastity device. It’s exciting in a truly perverted way that I’m aroused by being prevented from getting sexual satisfaction. Is there any way Mrs. Lion would find that arousing?

Think about it. Women aren’t particularly visual. They don’t generally think about male sex organs. It’s unlikely they are particularly interested in how often a man ejaculates. Why would they have any interest in enforced chastity?

“Oh, I know!” some guy in the back of the room shouts. “They like the power it gives them. Sexual control gives them control over their locked male.”

Really? “Oh yes!” the guy in the back shouts. “She can make him clean the house, do the laundry, and give her baths. She can make him wear panties.”

So, guy in the back, you’re saying that a woman would enjoy locking her male up so she could get him to do chores. Oh what fun it must be to blackmail your husband into helping you around the house. It just doesn’t add up. Hey, isn’t it true that thinking about her making you wear panties and do housework turn you on?

“Of course.”

So far all I’ve heard is a list of things that turn you on. So far I haven’t heard that there is anything in it for her.

We’ve established that there is no inherent interest in locking up her partner’s penis. So, it is unlikely she knows anything about enforced chastity when you decide to talk to her about it. If you are lucky enough to have a partner as wonderful as Mrs. Lion, she is going to agree to try enforced chastity. But she won’t know any more about enforced chastity than what you told her. She could search the Internet and with luck, find reliable information to support being your keyholder.

Mrs. Lion isn’t inclined to research this stuff. That means I am her sole source of information. If I want her to be an effective keyholder for me, I’m going to have to find and provide the how-to’s for her.

Do you see where this is going? Like most things in life, you just can’t ask for something and then sit back and get the goody. You have to work for it. If you want your partner to be an effective keyholder, she needs to learn what she has to do. She needs a lot more than your fantasy about being locked up. It’s a start to tell her, but that’s only the beginning.

You can read this blog to see how much discussion we’ve had on this subject. It’s taken years for Mrs. Lion to make enforced chastity her own. She depends on my feedback. I depend on hers.

Also, even though the fantasy benefits of house cleaning and panties may not appeal to her, she has to get something positive out of all the work she does as your keyholder. Enforced chastity has transformed our physical relationship. It’s made us closer than ever before. We share the housework and I don’t wear panties unless she wants to humiliate me a little. It doesn’t matter. She’s in charge and I haven’t masturbated in three years. Any sexual pleasure I get comes directly from her. We both love it that way.

The biggest joy for me in all this happens when Mrs. Lion comes up with things on her own. She’s graduated. My enforced chastity is now completely in her hands. How cool is that?

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    Hi! I have been reading your blogs all night. Thank you so much for posting this information out there.

    Yesterday, my boyfriend gave me the gift of his keys, we had made love and I was about to leave his house when he excused himself and came back with his chastity device on.

    We had previously talked about how in his past relationships he was the “pet” for his dom, and I know that is what he is into. I have been reading your blog so I can know what is expected of me now, but I am concerned it will be different then described because he has already lived an enforced chastity relationship.

    I guess I am looking for any advice? This isn’t new to him but it is to me and I want to do a great job of it.

    Thanks again for your lovely blog!!

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