I Didn’t Forget

I’m pretty sure Lion thinks I’ve forgotten about his cage. We got home late Sunday night and I didn’t think about it. Last night we were both so tired I just figured I’d leave it off until tonight. But then tonight we’re going out. Maybe he won’t be back in it until tomorrow night. But I haven’t forgotten.

After our team won the football game last night, Lion said he was horny. I figured he’d be too tired to play. I was falling asleep at work but managed to wake up once I punched out. I got Lion hard using my hand but then I decided to get the Magic Wand. He loves that thing. I edged him twice and then he started to buck against the vibrator. I stopped moving so he could have all the exercise. He’s never done that with the Magic Wand before. I let him go all the way to an orgasm.

I always try to think of new ways to give Lion an orgasm, or even to edge him. Maybe my finger should be there or maybe I’ll use this kind of pressure with my tongue. Allowing him to buck with the Magic Wand was just another way to play. I really wasn’t sure if I’d give him an orgasm, but I’m a sucker for his bucking. That doesn’t mean I’m always going to give him an orgasm when he bucks. He’d be bucking all the time.

Before we started playing, I gave Lion his punishment swats. The most swats I gave him in a row was four, I think. I let the pain sink in before I continued. I don’t know how many total swats he got. I didn’t count. I stopped when his butt was a lovely shade of pink and he’d been squirming after each swat. I know he’ll re-offend. He can’t help spilling things. He can help eating first, but he forgets. He can help interrupting, but he gets excited. He can help annoying me, but, again, he gets excited. As a matter of fact, just this morning he both interrupted and annoyed me all in the span of thirty seconds. No, I didn’t count. I’m estimating. So now he has a start on his Thursday punishment list. Silly boy.