2.0’s Biggest Fan

(Monday, November 14)We’re back from our trip. We were both so tired from all the sightseeing that we had no energy to write posts. We also were too tired for play as well. I did get some great oral sex on Saturday that came with an orgasm. Mrs. Lion edged me a few times first. i had no idea that she would finally let me come. I’m so glad she did.

Other than that, there hasn’t been any activity, but Lioness 2.0 was still on hand. She made note of every time I forgot my manners, ate first, or spilled food on my shirt. I know that tonight I will pay for these transgressions.

2.0 appears to be around more and more. I think that Mrs. Lion is successfully internalizing her role as disciplining wife. The time it has taken her to assume her roles is more my doing than hers. I kept asking her how she felt about what she was doing. I think that I created the expectation that she needs to somehow “be” a different sort of wife to do her part in domestic discipline. I now realize I was wrong.

She doesn’t need to change the way she feels about punishing me or somehow change into another, stricter person. That’s the stuff of fantasies. The only real change is that she establishes rules and enforces them. It might even be better that she doesn’t like punishing me. The best way to avoid having to punish me is to make me work harder to avoid her paddle. As long as she likes the lion she gets when she is my strict disciplinarian, things are working as they should. If I am better behaved and even happier under her control, there is a reward for the distasteful task of punishing me.

Over this vacation I spent some time thinking about all this. I realized that our power exchange doesn’t require either of us to like everything we do. It would be odd if we did. The real requirement is that our relationship grows and works better as a result of our roles.

Enforced chastity has undeniably improved our physical relationship. We communicate openly and honestly. Sex is a priority in our lives that we manage effectively. We are having fun and feel closer than ever. It changed our lives.

I think we are starting to see some positive effects from domestic discipline as well. I think that Mrs. Lion is beginning to get comfortable disciplining me. She has said that she enjoys “catching” me misbehaving. She has always been aware of my behavior, but until very recently was unlikely to even comment when I displeased her. That is definitely changing now. Her displeasure almost certainly results in a spanking for me. Progress.

I’m getting something out of this as well. It’s true that I dislike being spanked. I’m supposed to. I’m not too fond of being told I am misbehaving. But I feel a sense of comfort and inner peace that grows as Mrs. Lion gets stricter with me. I can’t explain it. It’s just how I feel. When 2.0 goes away, some of that inner peace leaves with her. I have become 2.0’s biggest fan.


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    Nice insights!

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      Thank you very much. I’m not sure Mrs. Lion agrees with me.

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