Doing Something About It

I’m in a lull right now. My allergies are acting up and I am itching in way too many places on my body. This just isn’t conducive to feeling horny. I’m taking antihistamines that make me a little tired. I know; whine, whine, whine.  Mrs. Lion unlocked me last night. I was even itching under the base ring. I’m sure this will pass before too long.

Mrs. Lion’s decision to actively pursue orgasms for herself is wonderful news. Wouldn’t you know that it comes at the time when I am physically unavailable. Murphy’s law. We’ll get past this ironic bump and work to restore Mrs. Lion’s libido. One way or another, I’m going to find a way to start this weekend.

On Monday, I leave on my business trip. Wednesday, Mrs. Lion joins me.  We’ll have five nights in a resort. What an excellent opportunity for sexual fun. Of course, almost by definition, being at a great resort will draw us to activities that could tire us out. It might also energize us and facilitate some great lioness orgasms. Either way we will both have a lot of fun.

One of our readers told us about a BDSM event that is staged every spring. KinkFest has a long history of great workshops and parties. A Portland Oregon leather organization puts it together. I did write about wanting to meet like-minded people. Our reader, who attends this event, pointed out that it is an opportunity for us to do just that. So, we are registered to attend. If you want to meet us, head over to Portland for the event.

When Mrs. Lion and I started living together, I took her to an East Coast event. It was fun for me to meet old friends. We attended some workshops and attended a couple of play parties. We didn’t do any public play. I think Mrs. Lion was a bit overwhelmed by all the kinky people. Organized BDSM isn’t really her thing.

However, she agreed that we could attend the Portland event. So, I registered us and made hotel reservations. Ok, now you know we will be there. If you can do it, consider joining us. Oregon may be a bit out of the way, but airfares are reasonable, and the event and hotel rates aren’t bad. I think it would be amazing if next spring a few of us actually meet in person.