Last night Lion took a sleeping pill. He was starting to get incoherent, but decided I needed to see some chastity devices he’d been looking at. He wants me to be excited by the cage. I told him I’d look at them in the morning when we were both more coherent. He said I wouldn’t look in the morning. (I did. Just now.) He showed me four choices on Mature Metal’s website. One of them looks like it would pinch too much. The others were interesting looking. All of them look very similar at the tip.

I’m just not sure why Mr. Weenie needs a new cage. Formal wear? Christmas parties? Does he need an away uniform for business trips? I like the cage he has. It’s not like I’m going to be more excited by a different one. A while ago, Lion bought a different cage that I think was done on a 3D printer. It was nice looking but very unwearable. I don’t even think we managed to get it on him. If the issue were comfort, then I could see spending $300+ for a new cage. Or if it would make travelling while caged easier. Maybe even if he were tired of this particular cage. Both of us tend to wear the same pair of shoes day in and day out. We’re just not fashion people. If his Jail Bird is boring to him, then we can look for something else. And by look for something else, I mean actually look for something else and discuss it. Don’t just go run off and buy the next best thing, Lion.

For now I’m going to admire Emperor Weenie’s old clothes. And then I’ll take them off and tease Lion to the edge again and again. I thought I ruined him last night I got so close. Luckily I stopped in time. I’ve got one more day to tease him into a puddle before I give him his orgasm tomorrow night. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t tease him tomorrow night before I let him come.

And, for the record, I do not have a picture of my weenie, caged or uncaged on my phone. I share an iTunes account with my daughter and photo sharing is on so I can see my photos on my iPad as well. She certainly doesn’t need to see my weenie on her phone. However, I am thinking I can take a picture of my weenie with a different camera and email it to myself. That way I’ll be able to admire it whenever I want no matter where I happen to be.