Numb Nuts

Our stupid football team lost. We didn’t even watch the end of the game. It was depressing. We watched other shows and then I edged Lion. I thought I went too close once. He agreed. It was way too close. Good thing I stopped in time.

The other thing I did last night was give him his punishment swats for getting food on his shirt the other day. Lion said he should use the numbing cream he uses on his balls before I manscape him, on his butt before I swat him so he can’t feel it. It’s an interesting idea. I suggested numbing one side of his butt and we could see if how much he feels on each side. I’m also curious to see if he’ll having any lingering pain once the numbness wears off. You know how you can still feel some pain after novacaine wears off.

Lion suggests that I hit extra hard on the side that’s numb. I think we should start out equal as a control. Once I know if he can feel it at all or if there’s a residual effect then we can go from there. I may very well have to really whomp on him to get the residual effect. There’s no rush to get there. I can experiment as often as it takes. We can even try alternating cheeks to see if one is more sensitive than the other. Does one paddle do more “harm” than the others? The possibilities are endless.

Like many things, Lion may regret his suggestion. It’s possible he already does. He could potentially have one sore cheek and one numb cheek for weeks until I get tired of doing it. He may be looking forward to his business trip next week. It’s five days from today. I can do a lot of experimenting in that time. Poor Lion. Poor, happy Lion.