It’s Just Not That Interesting

If you’ve been reading our posts for very long, you know that a female led relationship and/or enforced chastity isn’t 24/7 kink. Both of us have full lives individually and as a couple that have nothing at all to do with our power exchange. Let’s face it, a power dynamic like ours doesn’t change everything about our lives. The changes are significant but don’t take up much of our time to live.

Ok, I have a chastity device locked to my penis all the time; well most of the time. I’m aware of it only when I have to pee. At those times I hate that it is there. I don’t mourn the loss of erections and orgasms day and night. I think about it now and then and at times, wish I could get off. But I still drive my car, do my job, laugh at jokes, and generally enjoy my life; all without sexual use of my cock. Would you seriously expect something else?

FLR is a shift in the power structure of our relationship. In practice, there are few changes in our day-to-day lives.  I don’t fume because I have to ask permission to do things I never thought twice about in the past. Sometimes I grumble a bit and feel a twinge of resentment. But most of the time I just do what I am told.

The fact is that sex and authority are not giant parts of our marriage. Both have a place and Mrs. Lion controls what that place is. The largest part of the time, we operate by consensus. My need for sex is greatest when I am naked next to my lioness, especially when she is teasing me. I don’t run around in a constant state of heat. Mrs. Lion isn’t all that interested in dictating every facet of my life. For one thing, she doesn’t have time. For another, it’s just not that interesting.

I wish that guys who dream of enforced chastity would realize that what they want isn’t all the time consuming or complex. If they did, their partners might be more interested in indulging them. BDSM activities are called “scenes”. There are two primary reasons for this: They are negotiated role playing situations. Dominants aren’t depraved sexual sadists. They are people who enjoy providing sensation and receiving gratitude for their services. The other reason is that scenes are not permanent. They span anything from a few minutes to a week or more. But they all have a beginning and an ending.

Enforced chastity and FLR have a beginning, but don’t have a projected end. It’s true that many people who try these things end up stopping at some point. But most hope the power exchanges will continue. I think ours has lasted this long because we both understand the limits to what we do. We discuss (write here many times) things we like and don’t like. We adjust to suit our current situation. That’s why we have no intention of ever stopping.