The Morning After

Yesterday was Lion’s scheduled orgasm date. As you know, that usually means little. It’s just a date sometime in the future that’s supposed to be the earliest he can have an orgasm. Since I give him one whenever the heck I feel like it, I’m wondering if it makes sense to have a date at all.

At any rate, last night he was eligible for an orgasm. I took out the Magic Wand and started getting Lion excited. Earlier in the day he’d said the Lion weather was not very warm. I said I was sure I could fix that. And I was on the right track. My knee has made it difficult at times to sit cross-legged beside him. I did have to make an adjustment but I was still able to do the same job I always do on him. Sometimes I let the vibrator do most of the work. Sometimes I grip him with my thumb on the underside of his penis and let the Magic Wand vibrate my thumb too.

After I’d edged him quite a few times, I decided he was sufficiently aroused enough to warrant an orgasm. Yes, I did think about making him wait. It would have been easy to edge him and lock him away again with no relief in sight. Maybe I should have. But he likes the Magic Wand and he was ripe for the picking, so I went that little bit further and gave him his orgasm.

This morning, he said he would have liked a little more build-up to his orgasm. He said he understands that I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to get it over with. He understands, huh? Really? I don’t think so. I’ve never just wanted to get any of his orgasms over with. Even the ones that seem to take forever. Rather than wonder why he’s taking so long, I wonder what I’m doing wrong that’s not turning him on enough. If I really wasn’t feeling well I could have stopped at any point and locked him back up. After the first edging. After the second edging. After the third or fourth edging. I don’t even know how many times I edged him.

I believe the correct response this morning should have been, “Thank you, ma’am, for the orgasm last night.” As a matter of fact, that’s a new rule. Lion has to thank me for all orgasms just like he has to for punishments. Generally he does thank me. He might have even thanked me last night. I’m not sure what happened this morning. Maybe his shoulder hurts. Maybe he didn’t sleep well. I know his allergies have been bothering him.

It’s a good thing I don’t get mad at him for things like this. I don’t need to. I have paddles for that. [Lion – My shoulder hurt and sex wasn’t on my mind. Since orgasms are rare, I prefer to be really into it when I get one. This was one time I wanted to wait.]

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    I think its generally true that ‘denial’ is the ultimate elixir in this game. Being desperate to come, begging to come and being told ‘no’. When my wife suggests to me that I should maybe wait a month or two or three – it’s an incredibly hot thought but I will suggest that would be far too long… while hoping that she does.
    We don’t have a date because my wife likes to feel free to decide. I have considered it might be nice for my wife to require me to perform certain tasks such as giving her ‘x’ ‘satisfactory’ foot massages. I haven’t suggested it because if I did so it would devalue the experience of her doing so.

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